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Counter-Strike Source Now On Steam For Linux

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  • Counter-Strike Source Now On Steam For Linux

    Phoronix: Counter-Strike Source Now On Steam For Linux

    Counter-Strike 1.6 for Linux was released towards the end of January while this evening Counter-Strike Source has finally been brought to Linux over Steam...

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    Wonderful news!

    That's awesome news!

    Now I really can't wait for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Stopped playing after 30 hours on windows, as I wanted to play on Ubuntu back when it first came out. Couldn't get it to work in Wine with AMD drivers.
    This is really something to look forward to!


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      CS:S is soooo much better native, works nicely out of the box. I'm using the AMD prop legacy driver, which for the first time doesn't crash all the time . I was previously only able to play with the open source drivers ~ I will still try them next and see how they handle it.

      I still haven't quite gotten TF2 to work properly... it's so close, but it's also much slower to load than CS:S.


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        Plays great, too! I haven't really played Source seriously in years, can't wait for GO but Source is still better than nothing. Impressive cadence too, HL1/CS just came out!


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          Awesome Valve!

          When they released CS 1.6 for Linux I bought it again and started playing for the first time in years. Awesome game, really enjoying it (even though the last update broke the sound :-/).
          I never played much of CS:S in the past, so I'm more than happy to buy this one as well. Can't wait to play! (and I really can't wait to play CS:GO, which i hope is on the way!)


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            I guess Half-Life and CS 1.6 is US only or something like that. 'Cos I don't get them in my list. CS:Source though, I can install.


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              I don't actually play Counter-Strike of any kind (though if they have a sale and they are really cheap I may be tempted) but this makes me so very happy. Throughout the Steam Linux beta I've noticed how many fellow users have been wanting a port of this, so it's great news and a great sign. Valve's Linux team are doing a great job.


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                im from europe and i can see both hl1 and cs1.6

                about csgo, it uses flash to render the hud, so i dont know if it will be ported at all


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                  Originally posted by AnorexiasGrizzli View Post
                  about csgo, it uses flash to render the hud
                  citation? I just have a hard time believing that. Why on god's green earth anyone would use Flash to render the hud in a AAA video game is beyond me.
                  If it is true, I really hope they're looking into alternatives to Flash for their HUD. CS:GO is, and has always been, my #1 anticipated game for Linux (if it's in the works). It would be really sad to hear it isn't being ported due to something like that.


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                    Also if you Google 'csgo flash hud' you will find quite a few relevant matches also i used to have a csgo server and i did quite a few custom Flash loading screens for our custom maps