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QXL/SPICE KMS Driver May Finally Be Developed

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  • QXL/SPICE KMS Driver May Finally Be Developed

    Phoronix: QXL/SPICE KMS Driver May Finally Be Developed

    Red Hat may finally get to developing a KMS/DRM driver for QXL/SPICE to be used in conjunction with QXL for virtualization. This is a stepping-stone to eventually supporting SPICE 3D for allowing Red Hat virtual machines to tap hardware graphics acceleration support...

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    Heh, this should be a walk in the park for all the driver devs that have to design a driver based on some documentation (radeon) or no documentation at all (nouveau)!

    At least now they know how things should look like 'on the other side'


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      It'll prob the same level of difficulty as intel
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        Hopefully the work will also include passing command streams (E.g. OpenGL) to the host.
        It should improve desktop performance when running both Windows clients and Linux clients (Though I doubt that it'll come near to bare-metal performance).

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