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A Duo Of Peculiar Games Being Ported To Linux

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    Originally posted by dcc24 View Post
    I hate this and I'm disgusted by all of you zealots hating on everyone who just happen to have a different (read: pragmatic) world view than you.
    Ah yes, pragmatism, the gathering cry of the ethically apathetic. I am not saying I necessarily agree with uid313, but I am more disgusted by people who try to throw out a societies higher ideals and principles under this blanket banner of "pragmatism" when for them it is all still about ideology anyway.

    Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
    Free Software crusaders running steam... Lord help us....
    Very, very, true.


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      At first I was excited as I have been waiting for them to announce Linux support for months. However after reading the latest news release on reply's website I'm not so excited. It seems they have just contacted Phoronix to get more backers and steam greenlight votes without acctually commiting to anything.

      Linux is still a real possibility. Unity 4 makes porting it relatively easy. But it does involve whole additional testing cycles that aren't in the budget (timewise or moneywise).


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        Ok ignore my last post. This is from the steam greenlight announcements page.

        Hello Larry fans.

        We are happy to announce that Leisure Suit Larry will be available to LINUX USERS! We are very pleased to be able to offer this title to Linux users, we are also excited to say that we will be releasing all versions (PC/Mac/Linux) at the same time.

        We hope this news sits well will all of the penguin fans out there!
        Replay Games


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          Corrected the links:

          Originally posted by developer View Post
          I think some clarifications about Free Software are needed here.

          Free Software doesn't necessarily mean free price, but the 4 basic freedoms of Free Software the customer/user has:

          The freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom 0).

          The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish (freedom 1). Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

          The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).

          The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others (freedom 3). By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

          Two examples of companies that make money with Free Software:

          Red Hat:


          The usual ways of making money with Free Software, are: a) selling a Free Software product itself, b) selling support for a Free Software product, c) crowd funding.

          Some interesting details:

          When you create Free Software for a client, that is not available publicly, it is mandatory only the client having access to the source code of the product, not others.

          If you modify a Free Software program, and you are the only user of the modified program ("you" can also include a company), you are not obliged to provide the modified source code to anyone else.

          If there are any questions about Free Software, I can try to answer them here. :-)


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            Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post

            Most of us zealots want essential elements of computing to be available to everyone, including source code: infrastructure, operating system, standard tools everybody relies on, as well as anything that you have to use. In addition, most of us zealots are already happy if we have ONE FLOSS option for each of those, which is fully featured and can freely exchange documents with closed source applications: give me Firefox, KMail and LibreOffice, and you can keep Opera, Eudora and MS Office -- as long as we can all exchange documents without anyone being locked in.

            In that respect, an optional game, that nobody really NEEDS, is a very different thing from an essential driver, or a web browser.
            That's one of the best and most simple explanations I've seen in a while. If it was explaned like this more often there probably wouldn't be so many arguments and haterade being thrown about.


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              Source code:

              Your velcome


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                Well, the thread was supposed to be about the two games. Instead it drifted on 'politics'. Peculiar, indeed. Getting back on the games train, I'm curious about the average age of the guys who pay to get the games. Is there anyone under 20 ?


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                  I was backer for 25 bucks during kickstarter. If id recall right that buys me the game and soundtrack


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                    Originally posted by AJenbo View Post
                    Source code:

                    Your velcome
                    Good old ScummVM, few are aware that Ludvig Strigeus who made ScummVM and Open Transport Tycoon also wrote ?Torrent and co-wrote Spotify. Pretty decent software lineup.


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                      This is my cup of tea
                      My favorite kind of games and i seen a lot of them lately.
                      FPS no thanks.
                      I guess i need to install steam, but that also means pulseaudio