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    Originally posted by Timmmm View Post
    I tried OpenRA. It's really slow. Here's my system:

    16 GB RAM
    GTX 560 Ti
    Quad core i5-2500 @ 3.3 GHz
    Vertex 3 SSD
    1280x1024 screen

    So you'd expect it to be able to run at a decent lick. Nope, got around 20 fps. They're clearly doing something massively wrong.
    It should be fast on pretty much any hardware as long as you don't build a lot of ships (at least that's what seems to make it bloody slow). It even works with my old ATI X1700 and the open driver.

    FWIW, the game uses OpenGL.


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      @Timmmm: Dev here; your hardware is massive overkill -- something is very wrong if it's not running smoothly on that.

      What drivers are you running with?

      Can you turn on the perf graph (in debug settings) and note the average `tick` and `render` times?

      What scenarios are running slow? We've got some known slow cases in the current AI code if you're playing on an islands map, which we'll be fixing soon.

      -- Chris


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        The Command & Conquer/Red Alert games certainly are a popular choice for remakes, there were atleast two before this written in C++, now this in C# and I recently came across a version of Command & Conquer written in HTML5:

        Then we have all the Dune remakes, look like the Westwood RTS games from this era made a strong impact.