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The Dark Mod For Doom 3 On Linux

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  • The Dark Mod For Doom 3 On Linux

    Phoronix: The Dark Mod For Doom 3 On Linux

    When writing earlier this week about the poor state of the open-source id Tech 4 / Doom 3 community even after one year of the id Software game engine being GPL licensed, several readers wrote in and tweeted about "The Dark Mod" having not been mentioned...

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    I remember the Thief games. Oh the memories.


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      thief was classic

      I remember spending a whole saturday killing every person on a level and throwing their bodies in a swimming pool
      then, having run out of bodies, I threw every moveable object on the level in the swimming pool too.


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        Originally posted by phoronix View Post
        seeks to remake Doom 3 [...] brings in new game-play functionality
        No, it doesn't. It's not a remake of Doom 3, and it doesn't bring in new gameplay. It totally *replaces* the gameplay, making it a different game altogether. It has absolutely nothing to do with Doom 3 other than using its files.

        Did you even watch the videos you posted?


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          I played almost every mission available and I think this mod is one of the best game available for Linux. The gameplay is very similar to thief, the graphic is wonderful and missions are well done (some of them are masterpieces). If you are interested in the game, my advice is to play the training missions + The Tears of St. Lucia to learn how to move. Then go to the fan mission section of the Forum and pick the mission that you would like to play. If you don't have an idea, a good start point is IMHO the best mission is "The North", it is a pure thief mission and very well done.


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            Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
            I really hope this is not another half-hearted game making attempt. So many projects start these days, so few end up with anything resembling a 1.0 version....
            If you had read the article you would have seen that this is well past 1.0 and is already a well established game in it's own right, but that is a lot harder than making blanket assumptions and complaining about everything isn't it?


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              This game is never absent from any of my Linux installs. I wonder why Phoronix took so long to make a cover story on this game.


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                Another project worth mentioning is OpenRA - . If you liked the original Command & Conquer series from Westwood, you'll love it.


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                  Coming from the Dark Mod Team, I appreciate the mention!

                  One thing I'd add to the article is to say that our engine is at this point developed very far beyond the vanilla id4 engine. Remember a large bulk of the engine, all the gameplay elements, was open sourced in 2005 (the SDK release). So we've already developed that much of the engine by more than 7 years of work. The 2011 release was core things like the renderer & sound engine, etc, which we have also quite developed in the year since it's been released and are continuing to do so now. So I wouldn't say it's "just a mod", and not adding anything to the engine. In fact we were just having a discussion about registering our engine to Moddb as a new engine, since looking at it, there's not much id4 left and calling it a new engine wouldn't be unfair.

                  But to give a visual illustration of what I mean, here is the original id4 engine sourcecode and our engine sourcecode on Subversion (originally built off of id4) side-by-side. So you can see how much of the actual sourcecode & engine we've developed over the years from that starting point.

                  id4 game sourcecode

                  The Dark Mod game sourcecode


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                    Originally posted by marek View Post
                    Another project worth mentioning is OpenRA - . If you liked the original Command & Conquer series from Westwood, you'll love it.
                    Interesting, although I never got into the first RA. Now if only there was OpenTS...