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Gentoo Developers, Users Look At Gaming Future

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    Gaming is what makie some SOHO stay on MS WOS

    I think the desktop SOHO market is actually prefering MS WOS preinstalled computers in order to play. Not this high end games tested at high res that will not achieve playable FPS at their computers, but some other games at 720p that a 2 years old computer can play.

    Android and even ChormeOS are going to be a god share in the computers market, and that makes Linux interesting for game developers, not for the 1% of SOHO users, but for the multiplattform development.

    And of course because the cost of MS WOS is very high for emerging markets and a lot of new computers users will buy ubuntu preinstalled at low power and cost machines, even arm ubuntu ones for their soho desktops. Machines not able to run MS WOS 7 or 8 properly, but that can run very well with Gnu Linux.

    And also the ARM Linux at PCTVs that, as it increases not a lot TV prices, will be soon a "normal" product.

    And it is more important, the recent Samsung policy for their GPUs of OPEN SOURCE drivers with GPL and Apache licenses, than that AMD and NVIDIA must copy this policy if they do not want to loose even the PC market in a not very long term with PCI multi GPUs designs coming from mobile GPUs.

    Adding Wayland to this scenario, and perhaps some open source Android Compatibility Layer for playing android games on Linux, having a GNU Linux installed will be soon a must have for a SOHO gamer, and even perhaps for a high end PC gamer.

    And if it happens, perhaps MS WOS will be an option in a long term, V9 or 10, who knows.
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