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ioDoom3 - Open-Source id Tech 4 - Is Dormant

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  • ioDoom3 - Open-Source id Tech 4 - Is Dormant

    Phoronix: ioDoom3 - Open-Source id Tech 4 - Is Dormant

    id Software published their Doom 3 / id Tech 4 source-code nearly one year and one day after pushing out the game engine source-code under the GPL license, the ioDoom3 project was born. The ioDoom3 engine project intentions were similar to that of the successful ioquake3 engine as a flavor of the open-source id Tech 3 code-base, but unfortunately ioDoom3 is yet to be as popular...

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    Well a few days ago i tested dhewm3 and yesterday i even tested dante. Those are basically the 2 main implementations which have been worked on. the "original" dhewm3 repo has however a bug with nvidia binary and nouveau. Somebody mentioned to use this:

    I would not suggest using dante at this point, i needed several tries to start it. If you want to use it:

    you have to clone the gl2progs git into ~/.doom3/base, also you have to copy over the .so files created into ~/.doom3/base or ~/.doom3/d3xp (for 64 bit name it:

    For dhewm3 some hints:

    You can disable debug code and optimize for current arch using
    cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DONATIVE=ON neo
    For benchmarking you can use:
    dhewm3 +set com_showfps 1 +timedemoquit demo1
    For custom res:
    dhewm3 +set r_mode -1 +set r_customwidth 1920 +set r_customheight 1200
    You can put all pak000.pk4 to pak008.pk4 into ~/.local/share/dhewm3/base and for roe the pak000.pk4 and pak001.pk4 into ~/.local/share/dhewm3/d3xp (you need the files which are in the official linux doom3 installer).


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      Dead like ioRTCW and ioWolfET

      Theres also no progres in RTCW and wolfET. Old code base dasn,t compile on my Ubuntu 12.04.


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        I did a little digging in iodoom3.
        For a university course I tried making a little starter kit for it. Here is the german documentation about it:

        I used assets from the Doom3 demo to build the kit for that I don't know if I can publish it freely.

        iodoom3 isn't beginners friendly. Mostly because of missing standard assets, utilities and editors. You get lots of warnings and errors if you don't have some basic assets. There are no Shaders. provides good help, but just if you already know a little about the engine. So basically you need Doom3 to get into using it.
        You will probably use assets from the game in your modification, even if it's a total conversion. E.g. things like the ARB shaders. But you can't distribute those because they are not free. So you are stuck either making a mod for Doom3 or needing to re-create assets like those shaders. With Dante you have some free GLSL shaders. But if you need more you need to create them yourself. Dante itself is currently just for Android and Linux. If you want to support Windows and Mac you need to digg inside and modify it on your own.
        The basic editors that come with iodoom3 are because of MFC just working on Windows. And they also try to crush at random times. Not to say that some editors like the GUI editor are nearly worthless. Alternatively you can try DarkRadiant ... if you can geet it to work ... Else most time you are stuck in your favorite text editor.

        The engine still can do nice stuff, especially with sikkmod and wulfen textures:
        But why is nobody e.g. dhewm3 including the code of sikkmod into its engine? Here is the diff I did after inserting into dhewm3:
        But it didn't run as expected.

        So in the end the question is: who should use this engine?

        Blender and BGE is much easier to use. It is missing some features but they could be coming if people are making them.
        CrystalSpace seems to have gotten a lot better. Nice features and some good tools.
        Unity3D and Torque3D ( are there.

        It's all newer and easier then iodoom3.


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          Steel Storm 2 will use idTech 4.


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            Originally posted by ReveArek View Post
            Theres also no progres in RTCW and wolfET. Old code base dasn,t compile on my Ubuntu 12.04.
            Actually, there is progress:


            They've added co-op to RTCW for up to 8 players. Can also play through levels on your own, works great.


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              And the Demon engine (a fork of OpenWolf) which is used in Unvanquished is actually a strongly modified WolfET engine (with parts from ioQuake3 and Xreal merged).
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