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Heroes of Newerth Linux(and Mac) Clients "significantly updated"!

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  • PsynoKhi0
    Yep, very nice perf increase indeed. First time I've seen the game capping at 125fps.

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  • Heroes of Newerth Linux(and Mac) Clients "significantly updated"!

    - Mac and Linux clients have been significantly updated!
    * Added in-game browser functionality
    * HoNTV has been added
    * In-Game Guides have been added
    * Mac/Linux performance improved greatly (Linux client up to 50% faster, Mac client up to 100% faster)
    * The new Updater has been added, including the Repair Tool
    * A new type of installer for the Mac client is now being used
    * OpenGL Renderer performance has been improved greatly
    * Brought OpenGL renderer features in line with DirectX renderer
    * Added support for GUI sharpening for OpenGL
    * Dropped support for Mac OS X 10.4
    Very nice. Anyone who was having issues previously tried the latest patch?