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"Tomes of Mephistopheles is being pushed back"

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  • "Tomes of Mephistopheles is being pushed back"

    I got this email today:

    "Dear Tomes of Mephistopheles users,

    Unfortunately, due to the lack of funding, the lead programmer had to find a day job and he quit commercial game development altogether. That is a set back I would have to deal with.

    Indie game development can be fun when there is time and money to back up the project. Most of the time it's a struggle, unfortunately. This project isn't being cancelled, it's just being pushed back.

    Hopefully I can put together a new team to continue working on the game, but as I mentioned earlier somewhere on the Net, the game was not following my vision and pretty much dead ended.

    I know some of you (or many of you) will be disappointed. However the game was not scheduled to be released any time soon anyway. This set back will allow me to define goals much more clearly for the new team to come and ensure that development goes according to layed out plan.

    Thank you for your understanding. As soon as I have some news, I will let you know."

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    If you would like to play the free, open source salvage of the code I wrote as a Quake 1 modification, you can download it at my website.

    The mod is called R'lyeh City. Enjoy. All hail Cthulhu.