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I am ready for Gaming. Are you ?

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  • I am ready for Gaming. Are you ?

    Dear friends,

    I am a new member of Ubuntu and this community.

    Yes, I am a Windows user but a hard-core Linux lover.
    My 1st OS was Dos5.x, after that Windows 3.11 and so on....
    My 1st Linux was RedHat 6.x to FC 10.

    I use Windows just for Gaming and to see BSOD
    I am very happy to hear that STEAM in coming to Linux.
    Soon a great era is coming to get rid of Windows and its stupid Anti-viruses. FREEDOM.

    Personally, I am a non-smoker and non-drinker. So I don't like WINE

    The 1st thing I did is kill Windows 7 and load-up my lost love - Linux, Ubuntu 12 64Bit.
    AMD Dual Core 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA 8800GTS etc.

    Just now I installed Enemy Territory: Quake Wars DEMO and its running GREAT.

    If few of you guyz also buy and install this game ON LINUX, then we can have some fun and some system test, before Steam comes out. Its a good game also.

    If you want to play, you HAVE TO put "[Linux]" or "[Ubuntu]" or "[RedHat]" whatever you are using as CLAN TAG in the game setting.

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    i bought myself a new computer because of steam for linux, without any windows, but i installed a 90 day windows 8 demo alongside ubuntu 12.04(so i can atleast play a bit till then :P),
    but the ui is kinda horrible, unity is MUCH better than this windows 8 crap. granted unity still requires some polish here and there,
    especialy, it should allow users to easily make thier own launchers/shortcuts to programms/scripts/games, but other then that, it's ok, i already got used to the always at the top toolbar.

    as long as amd is making their linux driver better, i'm ready. i had perfomance drop compared to windows 8, while running the unigine heaven benchmark.
    windows 8: 412 points directx
    ubuntu 12.04: 193 points opengl

    my setup:

    CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GH
    GPU:MSI HD7750 OC
    RAM:8GB PC-10666

    btw:i have a problem concerning enemy territory quake wars, the sound is extremly delayed/lagging behind with the latest patch, so i deinstalled it.
    any solution to this?


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      ^ Load and use Unity 2D.
      and update your ATI driver. New driver just released.

      ALSO, make sure the the system is actually using the Latest version of the driver.
      I have seen that, even if you download and install latest version of nvidia/ati, the app or the games use the old native drivers. GOOGLE about how to clean+uninstall+delete old drivers and install the latest driver.

      Hope it helps.
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        the new 12.9? well, it tells me my gpu is not supported, i mean, that cant be, it is a brand new graphics card from this year.
        i hope thats just a bug or something.


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          Sorry, can't help you here. I am a NVIDIA owner/lover.


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            yeah, if the gtx 650 and 660(non ti) came out earlier this year, i would've taken one of them......


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              I always prefer AMD Processors, value for money and future updatability .
              but nVIDIA Chipset and nVIDIA Graphics card for Linux support compared to ATI.

              nVIDIA is expensive than ATI and consumes more power