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Valve Shows Off Steam's Big Picture

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  • Valve Shows Off Steam's Big Picture

    Phoronix: Valve Shows Off Steam's Big Picture

    Valve is beginning to roll out the "Big Picture" mode today for their Steam game distribution client...

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    Would be very useful when i connect my laptop up to the tv

    Liam of


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      This is also leading to their eventual foray as a Linux-based gaming hardware console.
      Objection, citation needed.


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        Originally posted by KameZero View Post
        Objection, citation needed.
        He's been telling us these things way before anything was released, just wait for it to be announced.

        I don't think he would be making that claim unless he was fairly sure.


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          Now we're talking. Valve is great, Steam is great, Linux is great. The two things together is awesome.
          Combinding that with the ability to make it a game console is just pure awesomeness. Now I just need to start playing games :P


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            Oh. I'll have some fun with this

            That silly old computer connected to the TV, running Arch? Games. Games, games, games and more games.


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              Only useful if they allow using an account from multiple places. I'll be fucked if I buy a second copy of every game for my TV so my kids can play too. Yes, block out using the same game on multiple devices at once if your DRM requires it, but let me play TF2 while they play toki-tori!


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                The NYT article is a good read. It reads like they're still fishing for applicants.


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                  Linux based gaming console.

                  Turning the PC to a linux-based gaming console, should be easy, with open-source control of the OS, down to the kernel. Steam distro?

                  Low-latency minimal components kernel, with minimal code running in the background would be good for that. (no memory-compaction, and minimal remapping stuff, etc - optimized signalpath.)

                  Peace Be With You.
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                    Awesome. Steams investment in Linux can only help the community at large, especially with Graphics driver support (an area Linux is mostly behind Windows in). Not to mention general consumer adoption when you can run Steam Games on Linux... who knows, maybe in a few years we'll see Ubuntu and Mint based laptops sold in the Best Buys of America.