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id Software: Linux Hasn't Produced Positive Results

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    It is sad to hear this from John Carmack, and he is known as a supporter of Linux.

    However, maybe he should reconsider. Times has changed and Linux is now more popular and easy-to-use.
    Also, when Steam launches there will be more momentum.
    I think when Steam comes to Linux, that would be the perfect time to push out more Linux games to get the momentum going.

    Don't wait and see how Vavle's efforts turn out, join them at the same time!


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      John Carmack!

      JC is wrong about his estimation on Linux users since many Linux gamers buy windows version of a game and play it under wine. I'm not saying that Linux has 15% of market share but it's not 1% at all. id also hasn't shipped many in-hose games during the past decade, so they are in no place to claim this.
      On the other hand JC is a big guy in game industry, don't forget that many of the existing Linux game are either based on his open sourced idtech2/3 engine or forks of these engines. So we have to be thankful. In the near future you will see many more awesome games based on doom3 engie code.

      But you can forget JS's speech because when Steam is out he'll likely regret what he said.


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        Originally posted by nightmarex View Post
        I bought a few of the HIB's, not sure I am going to anymore with steam looming around the corner, not to mention the absolute garbage ports I encountered (had to play limbo via wine lol) .
        Does not Limbo already use wine? On my Fedora 17 it pulled in wine, and in the end when it failed to start I got a Wine-error-message. At least one other game did the same.
        I really did not look any further into it, as Psychonauts was the only game I was really intrested in, and it seemed to have gotten a real port.


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          Originally posted by Alliancemd View Post
          I was saying the same thing since the announcement of Valve being interested in Linux.
          Linux has 1% desktop market share, from this 1% take the gamers which in Linux are just in a VERY VERY small amount.
          Now take from this gamers the ones that are ready to pay, it goes almost to 0%. Ubuntu Software Center can be as a good demonstration that almost all of the Linux users don't want to pay a cent for software.
          Linux is not a good platform for developers to make money on. And IDSoftware had to feel it on their skin. Put in a lot of effort to port and have additional expenses for nothing.
          You're an idiot. The only thing that keeps Linux from getting higher market share are games. With Steam it will change drastically.


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            Originally posted by deanjo View Post
            I really think we are seeing this new "attitude" towards linux simply because of iD's buy out. They promised business as usual but so far that has been far from the case.
            That's the case. The Linux friendly company turned to some moron driven one and here's another proof:

            He also thinks the PC is no longer a prime gaming platform, and all games in the future will be in Virtual Reality, and totally fucked up Rage.

            How the mighty have fallen.


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              "I did this 'cause Linux gives me a woody. It doesn't generate revenue."
              -- Dave Taylor, announcing Doom for Linux

              Carmack isn't wrong as far as id's interactions with Linux. They never had any strategy to make money from the Linux ports, they did it out of sheer intellectual curiosity, so it's not surprising that the thing they had no plans to make money from didn't make money.

              That's the single most apparent difference between those two companies: Valve's plans usually result in them needing industrial-sized rakes to manage all of the cash that's thrown at them. Also, I think Carmack forgot Valve has already taken on one platform that wasn't exactly commercial-game friendly when they jumped in, and that was two years ago. If they're still willing to take on Linux after that, then you would think they know what they're getting themselves into.


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                id Software: Linux Hasn't Produced Positive Results

                While id Software was known for years as being a Linux-friendly game company with providing native ports of their in-house titles with support for the id Tech engines on Linux, this is no longer the case. John Carmack, the founder of id Software, has lost his commitment to seeing Linux support.
                Linux user: idSoftware hasn't produced good games since Quake III Arena.

                While Linux users were known for years as being idSoftware-friendly by buying all their native games, this is no longer the case. Detructor, a sometimes trolling, sometimes being stupid, linux user has lost his commitment to seeing idSoftware games.

                Seriously? That guy has the nerf to get something like that out? After the disaster they call ET:QW? That game was so bad (no Joystick configuration on Linux, map glitches on all maps, patches that introduced more bugs than they fixed, no weapon balance...)

                Seriously the last good game they released was Quake Live and that is just a browser port for Quake III Arena and they managed to mess even that up by toying around with the weapon balance and introducing a 'I pay money so I can play on more maps/do better stuff' shit. Seriously, either take a monthly/one time payment for everyone or don't. But get me away with this 'I pay money so I've better equipment and advancements ingame'. gaah.


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                  I agree that everything after Quake 3 was shit anyway. Quake 3 on the other hand is very
                  close to being "the perfect game" it's fast, it needs skill, graphics aren't to bad, very competetiv.
                  I still play it with my friend, instagib + headhunter mod just never get's old.

                  I tried Quake 4 and thought I was playing Doom 3. It's basically the same game. Run around in
                  boring "Mars Colonies" shooting at monsters.

                  Linux is totally diffrent now anyway. I've been downloading distros everynow and then since 2006 and it was always something
                  of a hatelove because I would fail at some point and go back to windows. The first distro I used longer than 3 weeks was Ubuntu 10.10
                  which wouldn't frustrate me very early on, as someone who has just switch from windows. I survived long enough to learn that with only putting
                  a little bit of time into it I can really make use of this new OS. 6 Month later I was using Linux as my main OS now using Arch since Ubuntu introduced Unity.

                  If he thinks there is no market for linux gaming maybe he's just doing it wrong. Microsoft failed with Tablets long before Apple stepped in and all of a sudden there was a market for tablets.


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                    There's a Quakecon Bundle on Steam right now.
                    They still want EUR 15 for Doom 3 (without expansion pack).
                    I have no words...
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                      Originally posted by entropy View Post
                      There's a Quakecon Bundle on Steam right now.
                      They still want 15$ for Doom 3 (without expansion pack).
                      I have no words...
                      It's all 'bout the money
                      It's all 'bout the dum dum.......
                      And I don't think It's funny
                      To see us fade away
                      It's all 'bout the money
                      It's all 'bout the dum dum...
                      And I think THEY got it all wrong anyway