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id Software: Linux Hasn't Produced Positive Results

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    neither has id produced positive Linux results, John Carmack, fuck you, and your company.


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      Linux: id Software Hasn't Produced Positive Results

      I wonder what would happen if they treated Windows or game consoles the same way they treated Linux...they were practically mocking linux in that Quakecon...without any supporting facts.


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        Who cares? Rage runs perfect in wine.


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          I don't like that id is only rating Linux according to a browser version of a game that came out around 1999 that has better Linux mods anyway.
          In the past they didn't update the game's Firefox plugin often enough anyway, and it was a pain to manually edit and install.

          It just sounds like id is in over their heads in work with Rage and Doom and are trash talking about an easy target like Linux. They've already dropped proper PC support in general with Rage. Where's Rage's editor, DLC, improved textures, console commands, better graphics card support?

          (All the NSFW Linus comments are getting old.)
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            Originally posted by dfx. View Post
            of course [binary] maintenance for a bunch of GNU/Linux distributions is a tough shit. but that's why you should not even try to sell games as a software. software is the last thing valuable in games.
            I can add to that that showhorning a business model from the 90s onto 2012 is bound to lead to some developer disappointment. Nowadays I can get my fun playing some stupid flash game that's free on the internet, or maybe tapping the screen of my tablet (and I hate tablets). Sudoku alone gets you more hours of fun than a ?60+tax AAA title. Wake up and smell the coffee devs, will you?
            What do we get instead? Games that you can no longer buy, just rent and play for as long as some think they should keep their servers up. With the occasional added bonus of lag in single player!


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              Basically i can understand JC, but i dont see it so negative. First of all with the right gfx card you can play Rage with wine. It does not work with Intel onboard and it did not work with fglrx and my hd 5670, but worked even with my old nv 8800 gts 512. And that works so well because of OpenGL - D3D games run MUCH slower. The id developer who did the Linux ports left the company so maybe a bad timing to ask for one. In the case that steam will be successfull on Linux (or a steambox) i am sure somebody will work on it. It would be good when at least fglrx could run Rage via wine - i see no huge diff to a possible native game, so amd devs should not put their head into the sand all the time. Rage got that bad reputation mainly because of bad amd opengl drivers. While there is no cuda support for amd cards one thing is however interesting: there is no nvidia sli profile but a crossfire one (on win).


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                Originally posted by bug77 View Post
                What do we get instead? Games that you can no longer buy, just rent and play for as long as some think they should keep their servers up. With the occasional added bonus of lag in single player!

                Like my LOTRO version I bought a couple of years ago and worked just fine with wine on Linux. A few months ago I wanted to check it out again and noticed that not only the company sold their business and all the accounts are gone, my key isn't worth anything (still got the ring at least ). The client is now free for download and I am not sure about their business model...

                I can even understand that a MMORPG is only as long available as they run their servers, the same business model for single player games doesn't make sense to me...


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                  Originally posted by byteframe View Post
                  Who cares? Rage runs perfect in wine.

                  Is Rage another corridor game, suited for consoles?


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                    Originally posted by Alliancemd View Post
                    I was saying the same thing since the announcement of Valve being interested in Linux.
                    Linux has 1% desktop market share, from this 1% take the gamers which in Linux are just in a VERY VERY small amount.
                    Now take from this gamers the ones that are ready to pay, it goes almost to 0%. Ubuntu Software Center can be as a good demonstration that almost all of the Linux users don't want to pay a cent for software.
                    Linux is not a good platform for developers to make money on. And IDSoftware had to feel it on their skin. Put in a lot of effort to port and have additional expenses for nothing.
                    I think your market share is a very wrong, we both cant tell how much it is exactly because there is no linux-soft coorp that sells copys of it and even then there would be cracked versions out there... or just copied ones ^^
                    But when even Ubuntu has 2,5% Desktop Market Share of preinstalled systems.


                    and other distries like fedora or debian will selled shurely sometimes for desktop too, but even if we take that number we have here 2,5% of the linuxusers just with preinstalled systems, ok theats new systems and they selled not so much the last 5 years, but there are of course more people who did manually install a linux than which are bought them directly on the hardware, because only 5-10% rich people do that, because dell-pcs are not that cheap ^^.

                    Or does anybody here know more guys that have bought hardware with linux on it, than people who installed it from usb/cd? Even on noob-sites like german computerbase where >90% are Windows users, I read only from guys who have questions or say that its good and so on and how they installed it how easy/difficult that was... so most there dont buy linux-hardware too but many tried it out with more or less sucess... so 5% would be a very save guess if you count dualboot systems.

                    And then you forget enother effekt, many users dont use Linux because there are no games, so if Valve and other companies start to support it, there will be some amount of users which start to use linux because they thought maybe anyway about it, but did not switch because of the bad commercial game support.

                    And I think, even I am such a jurk that would not buy closedsource game for linux with drm, there are much more linux users or at least around 50% who just dont care about that. maybe even more than 50%


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                      It's an interesting one but I think Valve has as much chance as anyone at turning things around.

                      Its why I appreciate Valve so much, they are very "different" to most companies and don't mind venturing into something a little brave or unexpected. I also believe Valve and their Steam product has been a large reason PC gaming is thriving the way it is, compared to what people were saying years ago.

                      Just with Steam's catalog, you know, when games have "Linux" mentioned in the SteamPlay section and the system requirements alone will bring more attention to this alternative operating system and I for one, am really only hanging onto Windows at the moment to play TF2 and maybe a couple other games. As soon as we have a proper Linux client I'd ditch my Windows and I don't imagine I'm the only one. And I'd pay for any new games that were ported, especially since I wouldn't be spending money on Windows.

                      Interesting times ahead.