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Showing Off The Linux-Friendly Unigine Renderer

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    Originally posted by sgtGarcia View Post
    Total cost at the beginning of work:

    Unity: 1500$ ( full version win/mac/lin ) - but no revenue after selling game
    CryEngine: 20% of the developer?s revenues from the commercial launch of their game - so basically it's free on the start
    Unreal Engine - "He would need to purchase our $99 license and then pay us royalties of 25% of his earnings after the first $50,000 he makes." - 99$ for start
    Unigine - 30'000$ - o.0 wtf

    Really getting 30'000$ on start for a indie developer is INSANE.
    Jesus, yes, that's batshit insane. I recall trying to poke around with it when it first started getting traction and being completely unable to get an eval kit.

    Whoever is in charge over there has their head lodged somewhere smelly.

    It might come as a shock to Phoronix folks, but Unigine really is practically unheard of in the industry. There are essentially zero developers with experience in Unigine, zero artists and content folks with experience in Unigine, and zero publishers debating whether a Unigine license will cut costs. On the other hand, as much of a pile of crap as it is, there are thousands of devs, artists, and publishers with extensive experience with UDK. There is also a quickly increasing number of people with Unity experience due it being so reasonably priced (less than one week's pay per developer to get an entire commercial-grade engine with content pipeline) and easy to use.

    Also, I'm working on a theory that Unity's Asset Store is its largest success: many people using Unity are writing addons for it and blogging about them and trying to get everyone else to use Unity just because it means more addon sales and a strong network effect occurs. Developers using UDK or Unigine or CryTek or whatever have no real reason to spend lots of time and energy trying to convince everyone else to also jump on the same bandwagon. The market for game engines is small, its almost exclusively nerdy tech types, and that kind of word-of-mouth community energy really matters in those circles, much more than it does for general mass-market products. Some kind of community-focused content/plugin system for Unigine (or any other engine) is something engine developers should consider very strongly.


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      Originally posted by Kakarott View Post
      " Posted Yesterday, 09:12 AM by watchvombat
      Sorry guys, some plans changing.
      We have published new update, but the demo release is shifted for the next week - we need to make good promo-texts =) "
      Wow, just 6 month too late, i still think you have to publish it before somebody downloads the game for free. Hopefully they add a benchmark feature (aka timedemo). Also after 6 month the price should be reduced to 50% of initial one.

      This looks so great, if i would not have got an OpenGL 4 card already it convinces me directly that i have to get one.


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        The tesselation in those rocks is very subtle, and completely doable in proper art without. No that pic doesn't convince to get a gl4 card


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          Originally posted by Kano View Post
          This looks so great, if i would not have got an OpenGL 4 card already it convinces me directly that i have to get one.
          You forgot to do a </ironie>
          Most time you won't notice the difference because you are to far away.
          OK. I haven't played with tessellation yet because my card can't do that.
          But as I played through the game most time I didn't zoom in because then I would miss what is going on around.

          Some kind of first person game would have been better to demonstrate ultra graphics quality.

          Oil Rush looks nice.
          But also it doesn't have much to show.
          Most time water, some rocks and ice and buildings.

          Definitly nice.
          But nothing that would bring people to OpenGL4.

          (It would be nice if someone could do a little comparison of Oil Rush on OpenGL 3 vs. 4 (maybe even throw dx9 and dx11 in) and see if there is anything different.)


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            Originally posted by AJSB View Post
            I knew that about the game....didn't knew about the engine SDK itself....was also the SDK frozen because of same issues than the game ?!?
            It was quite long time ago so I can be wrong, but someone ( probably Ryan Gordon ) mentioned it - but I will not give my hand for that

            As for Unigine payment I found this on
            Unigine Commercial Indie per-project licenses for developers with < $100K turnover (months updates/days support):
            ? Win/Lin $1299 (3/14)
            ? iOS/Android $1299 (3/14)
            ? Win/Lin/OSX $2995 (12/30)
            ? All $3995 (12/30)
            ? Pro/Source/PS3 license ~$30K
            ? Support $799/month


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              Originally posted by sgtGarcia View Post
              As for Unigine payment I found this on
              That was an old special until November 30 2011.


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                Originally posted by Kakarott View Post
                That was an old special until November 30 2011.
                That explains everything

                So still nothing in terms of making business. This is so stupid.

                But hey, it's not mine business, so why I'm worried