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DarkPlaces GLES on Pandaboard

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  • curaga
    How about the port of q3 to n900?

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  • danboid
    started a topic DarkPlaces GLES on Pandaboard

    DarkPlaces GLES on Pandaboard

    Hi Phoronix!

    I think the goal of running DarkPlaces w/ GLES rendering on a Pandaboard is about the most Phoronix-esque project I've embarked on and so I knew there was no better place to conduct and document the process than these forums.

    With the recent release of TI's OMAP4 PVR xorg drivers for 12.04 on Pandaboard, I went on the hunt for good OGLES capable apps, games and emus and I'm very disappointed at how few there currently are. As it stands, Descent (dxx) rebirth is the only one I've found that compiles and works on my Panda but one of the top candidates- better than dxx-rebirth - is DarkPlaces.

    I have downloaded the latest svn code and I can see that it should be able to compile against OGLES on my Panda because it has been ported to iOS but as it stands the makefile offers no support for building a Linux OGLES client so this is where I'm hoping Lord Havoc, Michael and/or the Phoronix readers may be able to step in and help me get OGLES working under Panda (or likely RPi too) Linux DP and then hopefully it will get added as an official option in the DP makefile.

    Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree as we say sometimes here in the UK? Maybe there is another Quake GLES port I can compile as easily as I did dxx-rebirth?

    Also, I have no been able to find a port of Q3 to OGLES that works on Pandaboard. Michael?
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