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    Originally posted by danboid View Post
    Indeed there were more GLES and SDL2 issues in getting DP to build so I've forwarded them to LordHavoc who is fixing them as he gets the time.

    I'll update this thread again when DP is compiling and I've got more stuff I can try to get Q3 working yet but I may bust that out into a new/ separate thread on the Pandora forums if it looks like I'm having more luck with that.

    I'd like to hear what Oliver thinks about which Q3 port is the best for my Panda. The Pandora port may have more features and be more polished but I suppose it will also be more specific to Pandora and may require more tweaking to get running over here than the Maemo port??

    The other prob with the Pandora port is that I've had no response from its dev so I could have to fend for myself with that one.
    I would guess that both have about the same level of difficulty. Apologies for the late reply. Both will likely require some specific tweaking for the Panda, after you have the game running... Input device sensitivity settings, renderer settings, etc.


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      Thanks for your feedback Oliver!

      My current best plan of action would seem to be to wait for LordHavoc to get DP to a point where it at least compiles and runs a bit (if not perfectly) for SDL2 and GLES before I'll be attempting Q3 again.