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Will Blizzard Be Bringing Their Games To Linux?

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    Originally posted by 1c3d0g View Post
    Who the hell actually LIKES Windows 8 for real anyways? I can understand Windows 7, although not perfect, is far more useful as a general O.S. This Windows 8 kludge is meant for tablets. M$ has been shown by thousands of its users and hundreds of their most vocal supporters on their development blog, that:

    tablet != desktop.

    Unfortunately they've failed to realize this fatal error and continued with this Metro crap, and this grave mistake will cost them dearly, mark my words. I've used Windows since 3.1, and Windows 8 is BY FAR WORSE than any other version ever released (including Vista and Millennium Edition)! And yes, I've tried them all, including the early alpha pre-releases all the way down to the latest release candidate (consumer preview or whatever they call it nowadays). For the first time in years I managed to BSOD my PC so bad that I had to reformat the entire SSD (while doing nothing unusual!). Failure is a word M$ will to have get used to unless they're willing to change for the better, like actually listening to what their biggest customers want.
    I actually like Windows 8 more than Windows 7. You can easily use Windows 8 as a desktop OS, resorting to the Metro interface (or whatever it's called now) as an application launcher. It's nice to have apps organized by common task into columns. Sometimes you get slapped by Metro style apps (barf), but it's noticeably faster than Windows 7. The most annoying thing, though, is that it only searches through apps and to get to files you need to tab.