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A New Linux Game To Try And Benchmark

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  • A New Linux Game To Try And Benchmark

    Phoronix: A New Linux Game To Try And Benchmark

    While most of the native Linux games that can be easily automated are built atop the id Tech engine or some spin-off there of the open-source id Tech 2/3/4 engines, here's something new to play with this weekend. There's also some early results to explore...

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    Someone should tell these guys about textures...


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      Really ugly :/


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        holy crap that looks ugly.

        the lack of texturing is not the worst part. rather it's the lack of visually consistent style and imagination.


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          AMD crap

          The AMD opensource driver looks like crap!


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            Why do all the negative type posters seem to need an RSS feed?
            The game uses cell shading looking textures and looks better than the screenshots used on Phoronix.

            The CoreBreach creator always responds politely, has now helped out Phoronix, and wants to open source his game after enough sales. Hopefully the people who tried to back Gravitaz on Kickstarter or were hoping for Impulse to be released will get behind CoreBreach.


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              Any idea what is going on with DRM? They say "DRM Free (Unlimited activations)" but of course activations are a form of DRM so that is contradictory. I also don't see a way of paying Core directly and downloading from them. I don't want yet another account on yet another service and be restricted to getting the game and updates that way.


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                This game has no kind of physics. It's pure bullshit. The object isn't even flying.

                I WOULD BUY 5 TIMES WIPEOUT (any version) RATHER THAN THIS SHIT. We have to be honest sometimes. Another piece of crap that runs under Linux. Why do they even bother.


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                  Oh well, that is all moot. They have the same issue many games do which is if you are using multiple monitors they insist on using the total screen area to display. You can make it display in a window but can't resize the window. The net result is that the game is completely unplayable for me. (There is something in the settings to set the full screen size, but the only choice is the size of both my monitors added together.)


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                    I don't think the problem is the lack of textures, but rather the lack of detail. On some pictures showing the whole track it actually looks very good, but up close it doesn't: at any one time there's a single uniform flat surface filling 50-70% of the screen. It looks poor and unfinished, but with a bit more modeling or texture work it has potential.