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Codeweavers Crossover Upgrade Release: Week of 6-17-12

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  • Codeweavers Crossover Upgrade Release: Week of 6-17-12

    Codeweavers is currently testing an upgrade to their current production version of Crossover, and it is slated for release sometime next week. Here is a short laundry list of the features:

    - Fedora 17 improvements, including:
    - Support for Udisks2; and
    - CrossOver installer will now detect whether perl is present prior to install. (CrossOver requires perl, and Fedora 17 does not include it by default).

    - Better detection of correct libpng versions on some distros,
    including Arch Linux.
    - Fixed an error uninstalling packages from the Ubuntu Software
    Center, as well as custom packages built with cxrepackage.
    - Suggest zypper package manager on Suse linux (instead of yast).

    Other Enhancements
    - Added support for Microsoft Visio 2010.
    - Integration of Wine 1.4.1, which includes many,
    many bug fixes and translation improvements over Wine 1.4.0,
    as well as improved translations for many languages.
    - Bug fix for microphone detection for Rosetta Stone 3.
    - Fix a crash for certain files PowerPoint 2010.
    - Improvements to Japanese input when running IE 7.
    - Improvements to graphics card detection.
    - Allow for graphics driver detection in CrossTie files.
    - When exe's are double clicked by a user it will open CrossOver's
    installer by default now instead of cxrun

    Note: Diablo III runs under Crossover with both Fglrx and Nvidia factory drivers. For an approximate list of what Crossover runs, look at the following gold rated items: