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Most Open-Source Game Artwork Is Awful

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    Well, actually his rant about blender is exactly the same as some dude whom rants about how complicated C as a language is, and then wishes something like Python was available. Which would be a valid rant in the context of open-source 3D modelers. There are a bunch of smaller/obscure ones, that are all incomplete in some way, and then there is the big one, Blender. Blender is fabulous in many ways, it just has a way of doing it in a way that confuses many.

    The same could be said of Gimp, except there are many alternatives that specialize in photo manipulation, or vector drawing, etc.


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      The conclusion is very simple: most of the Open Source games are just hobbyist projects. 0ad which is not a hobbyist one is just beautiful.


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        That blender screenshot is ancient. The interface doesn't look anything like that any more. :/ Agreed, go look at modelling tutorials on CGCookie.


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          Here's a story from Blendernation about the new texture collection available on Huge free textures library


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            All I can say open your Eyes.

            There is much pretier games than Nexuiz while this zero-k on spring engine is other category - RTS all game is really pretty. In fact I watched phoronix for few years already and I really thought there is no other games just FPS'es thanks god it was false "myst" created by phoronix, and I accidentally found about spring engine and mods on it like this. Why there was zero articles? And so many about xonotic nexuiz forking and so on.


            Does this looks like shit? Nexuiz is ok but definitly not best looking open source game.

            And everybody is about 0.A.D wtf guys its just alpha for years is it playable? Why there is update about some minor updates about nexuiz, xonotic or whatever and no cover about other games at all? Thats why I thought "well sad as it is there is not much games on linux thats why there is so many news on phoronix with minor updates better this than nothing". And this is really sad phoronix nowhere live up with its "linux games" or how you it. Its just "chosen few" or soemthing.


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              Ok, elephant standing in the room: why does quality of games on Linux have to be addressed by open source? With Desura already on Linux, and Valve supposedly bringing Steam this year, why can't people who want better quality Linux games just pay for them? Artists get paid, programmers get paid, people who make content get to eat, gamers get better stuff. Is there some fundamental reason why the production values of open source are supposed to aspire to and meet the level of polish of commercial offerings? How does that get funded, lots of trips to the food bank? Don't think I'm being glib here, I've done that for open source in the past, twice. I had to move on and pay bills. Might have been stoopid to do it the 2nd time but you know, you keep saying, "If only I did X Y Z instead of A B C..."