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Game only crowdfunding platform revealed!

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  • Game only crowdfunding platform revealed!

    Originally posted by MCV
    A new games-specific equity-based crowdfunding platform has made a call for developers to submit proposals.

    Gambitious is pitched as the first professional crowd funding platform exclusively dedicated to the games industry, and has been set up by a group of developers and publisher Mastertronic.

    The platform, hailing from Holland, offers a hybrid model where both consumer donations and equity investment can be directed towards a given project. At E3 2012 Gambitious has asked developers established and newly-formed to prepare proposals.

    ?We are absolutely ecstatic to be working with guys who have been championing and empowering independent game developers for so long, as we all see the crowdfunding opportunity as something that, if handled properly, could truly change the industry for indies of all sizes," said Paul Hanraets, Gambitious co-founder.

    The platform will cover funding across both the United States and the European Union, and will let developers indicate how much capital is required to fund a project, and the amount of equity in the project offered in return.
    The above is only an excerpt, folks. Here's the full story.

    After the massive game support that Linux has received from the likes of Kickstarter, I thought it would be wise to make fellow Linux users aware of this particular crowdfunding platform as well, especially since it only pertains to games! What do you guys think? More games for Linux on the way?

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    I don't understand the separation of "equity investment" and "consumer donations". It seems like it's a completely arbitrary and artificial mechanism to make the whole thing less threatening to big publishers.


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      Well the equity investments entitle you to a share of the $$$, the donations don't.