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Valve's Gabe Says "Yes" To Steam Linux This Year

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    Originally posted by kirillkh View Post
    Have GOG games become free/open source when I wasn't looking? Otherwise, they are as remote from the "Linux policies" as a trial version of WinRar. You can speculate that GOG games are more "free" because they have no DRM, do not engage in in-game microtransactions and do not install crapware on your machine, but that doesn't make them nearly free enough by the Linux standard. The fact that many of the Linux users here view GOG as "good enough" is more troubling than the expected/ongoing subversion of infrastructure: it shows that the subversion of minds has already happened.

    By your standard, if a game is not DRM'd and comes cheap, then it's good enough. How is that different from Android, again?.. (And yes, despite Android being partly open-source and based on a bunch of free software programs, it is by far and large not free software by itself - neither by spirit, nor by letter - as anyone who cares can easily observe. This much is obvious, and I won't be replying to comments challenging the obvious.)
    Some games are free, yes, although not open source. I am not speculating whatsoever, I am assessing the situation objectively by comparing the offering with what the rest of the market has to offer and I find no better alternative. What you describe sounds like a very extreme view which thankfully many don't seem to share. Linux is great, but considering the current position Linux is in, being excessively demanding with no room for compromise, especially one as good as GOG, seems unwise.

    By your standard, there will be little to no game support if a game is required to be open source as well as free, and games are what cause many to still dual boot Windows or not bother to boot Linux entirely. More game support, along with Linux flavors tending to be free and open source, could boost Linux into relevant market share on the desktop market. I would rather take an even middle ground as to opposed to being associated with either extreme.


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      Originally posted by kirillkh View Post
      With its game-related articles, Phoronix seems to have attracted too much kids than is good for it.
      Please, no more flaming, go hijack another topic.
      Please cease the condescending tone and just agree to disagree if you wish to longer participate. Thank you.


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        Originally posted by boast View Post
        is it possible that maybe Valve can work with kwin and gnome to create a standard API call to disable compositing when gaming?
        Maybe it should be done with instead of kwin and GNOME.

        Also, maybe its just possible to trigger disable composting when a OpenGL application goes fullscreen?