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Humble Indie Bundle V Launches

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    Right, so referring to winelib isn't right, as that would at least be a step in the right direction towards making a port.


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      Originally posted by grantek View Post
      The reason for this is they don't have full access to the Windows source code, having used Wwise, a windows-only middleware package to do sound effects.
      Mac build is WINEd too?


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        Originally posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
        Mac build is WINEd too?
        AFAIK yes - using Cider.


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          Originally posted by entropy View Post
          AFAIK yes - using Cider.
          You sure? Wwive (audio middleware) available for OS X.


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            Originally posted by entropy View Post
            AFAIK yes - using Cider.
            This isn't true.
            Limbo has a native Mac OS X version.

            $ cd /Applications/

            $ ls -LR

            Frameworks Info.plist MacOS Resources



            Limbo limbo_boot.pkg settings.txt
            data limbo_runtime.pkg



            Init.bnk l_default.bnk l_intro.bnk

            de.lproj fr.lproj ko.lproj pt.lproj
            en.lproj it.lproj limbo.icns zh-Hant.lproj
            es.lproj ja.lproj limbobanner.png










            I found some interesting facts about Psychonauts and Limbo:

            "Psychonauts in the Humble Bundle doesn't use Wine. The Steam and Mac App Store versions do (Transgaming's Cider, specifically)."

            "Your Steam client should update to the non-Cider version right now. "

            "This was updated today; you should have this next time Steam updates your game!"

            Ryan Gordon!/icculus/

            "The audio middleware in question is Audiokinetic Wwise. Trine uses it as well, and Frozenbyte wrote a drop-in replacement for their Linux port; so it can't really be that hard.""

            Klemens Baum

            "Perhaps one of the changes in the project itself was that we had a different approach to middleware. In the past we had mostly done stuff in-house, because it tends to be cheaper at first. With Trine 2 we knew that the schedule would be long, so we figured that we could spend some money on middleware that would save us time on the overall schedule and ensure console compatibility. We licensed Wwise for audio and Bink for video, and they worked reasonably well. Some of the time we saved has been lost since then though, we had to write our own audio system for Linux for example. But nevertheless this was a big change for us mentally. Related to this, Trine 2 was a lot less stressful than any of our earlier projects because we were able to pay all our bills on time, we were able to upgrade our development hardware and order enough console devkits, and so on. This helped development a lot even if it's not a creative change."


            II don't know why, but Playdead want keep Audiokinetic Wwise in Limbo for WIndows and Mac OS X. Publisher for Limbo (XBLA) was Microsoft Game Studios.


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              They've added three more games to the bundle (Braid, Lone Survivor, Super Meat Boy). Also soon to cross $4m... maybe even 500k downloads.


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                Just an update, on my Core i3 first gen with Intel HD Graphics (Arch Linux x86-64):

                Limbo works fine and doesn’t crash anymore (great!)

                Amnesia still crashes on the profiles screen, and I read on their forum that at least Intel HD Graphics 2000 is required, so no luck for me here.

                Sword and Sworcery works great (too bad the game seems boring.)

                Psychonauts works, though the “bed selection” screen was jerky so I’m not sure if it is playable (I didn’t go further.)

                Haven’t tried Bastion or the other games yet.


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                  Originally posted by stqn View Post
                  Sword and Sworcery works great (too bad the game seems boring.)
                  Haven?t tried Bastion or the other games yet.
                  Guess it's a matter of taste. S&S does not try to be action packed. It tells a story with subtle commentaries thrown in, all wrapped in copious amounts of quirk and atmosphere. Bastion, Limbo, Braid and Lone Survivor also share this in that they all lean towards the "artsy" end of the gaming spectrum, and as such are probably not for everyone.

                  I say bring us more of this.


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                    Here is the final result, if anyone is interested:

                    Dear Humble Indie Bundle,

                    As an owner of five of your bundles (and as someone who would have happily supported more if circumstances would have allowed it), including the Humble Indie Bundle V, I ask of you not to think of this as an attack on the Humble Indie Bundle nor, as some have suggested, an action that ignores the positive changes you have done for the Linux game industry. Rather, this is merely a means to try and ensure that these positive changes can continue. We also hope that through this we can help to ensure that both the Linux community and the Humble Indie Bundle can continue to have a positive and meaningful relationship.

                    Linux users have been supporting the Humble Indie Bundle from the beginning and a relation of mutual trust has grown between the people behind the Bundle and the Linux community. Unfortunately, we feel this trust has been violated by the inclusion of a non-native Linux game in the latest Bundle. This is not merely a complaint about one game included in one Bundle, in this case LIMBO. It sets a horrible precedent for the future, encouraging other developers to merely put out unoptimized Windows binaries of their games running through a WINE or similar layer merely to con Linux users out of their money. We can not allow this to happen, not to the Humble Indie Bundle.

                    Considering this, and not wanting to boycott the Bundle as many of the developers that were involved were very much deserving of our money as were many of the charities, I tried to think of a constructive way to demonstrate our concerns in an organized and collected manner. A petition was the best means I could find to accomplish this. Over the past few weeks I have collected a total of 543 signatures as of the time of this writing. Each of these signatories had their own views and many added their own commentary alongside their signatures. But we are all agreed that the Bundle went down the wrong path with the inclusion of a non native version of LIMBO.

                    I have received a variety of responses from the community due to my actions, including praise and support but also criticism and attacks, some of which were very personal. I took these as a demonstration of the amount of feeling people have invested in these Bundles, and with that in mind, analyzed my own feelings on the matter. I came out of it that much surer of why this protest was necessary and why the Humble Indie Bundles must continue to give everyone the most value for their money. There is too much good will invested in it, and Linux users contributed to this in the knowledge that it would help promote the Linux gaming. That is why we did this; we want the Bundle to continue in this purpose.

                    I have also noticed that you have recently posted that you want to hire more Linux game developers. We appreciate this and hope it will continue to lead everyone in the right direction. A link to the petition is included bellow. Please go through it and read people's comments, and I would appreciate any feedback you could give me on the matter.


                    Thank you,
                    Hamish Paul Wilson


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                      So far I've only tried Bastion and Limbo and I'm astonished at how trouble free the installs were.

                      I love Ubuntu.