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    Originally posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
    Psychonauts is native, but there is still some issues, yes.
    You may want to give this preliminary patch a try, if you haven't already.


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      Originally posted by Kristian Joensen View Post
      How do you define "indie"? Double Fine is an independtly owner development studio. They aren't owned by any publisher or media conglomerate or anything like that. How are they "a non-indie game studio"?
      I suppose my definition of an indie studio is a small studio that self-publishes their games and does not depend on other game companies (like EA) for financial assistance.

      But I see your point. I suppose my definition of indie is different than everyone else's

      Originally posted by tholin View Post
      The games run fine with open radeon drivers. Unfortunately Psychonauts is so buggy it's unplayable and limbo wasn't ported at all. Both games are better played through wine instead of the native? version.
      To be fair, psychonauts felt extremely buggy to me while I was playing it on Windows. I also heard that it was rather glitchy on the Xbox too.. It was still playable though