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One Week To E3 Expo - Linux Gaming News?

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    Don't want to be pessimistic, but:


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      I want GOG to feel the pressure and E3 would be great for that. Let Valve speed up its game.


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        Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
        Watch out, Michael. You'll get Q started up again about how Farmville is a AAA linux game.
        But Q is fun to troll!


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          Originally posted by uid313 View Post
          OpenCL continues to mature. Thanks to university research, scientific processing and high-computing with needs for GPGPU processing Linux gets the best GPGPU implementation in the world.

          Wayland modernizes the Linux desktop graphics server and brings performance improvements.

          Intel already all open-source with proprietary driver. The open-source AMD driver continuing to improve and getting parity with Catalyst. AMD announces the abandon Catalyst for Linux and focus more on the open source driver. Only Nvidia left with a proprietary driver, while nouveau continuously improve.

          Indie developers further embrace Linux and open source. Desura grows.

          Windows 8 arrives, the market reception is poor. The customers hate it.

          Valve launches the Linux-powered Steambox game console, it becomes a huge commercial success. All its game run natively on Linux and is available on Linux through Steam.
          Linux becomes the preferred video game development platform.
          Things are developed for Linux (Steambox) first, and Windows second.
          Cool story bro!