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Interview with Clive Crous from Linux Game Publishing

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  • Interview with Clive Crous from Linux Game Publishing

    Interview with Clive Crous from Linux Game Publishing:

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    Can you share any enclosed information regarding the upcoming LGP game releases?

    As everyone knows we have two games we’ve previously announced, being “Bandits: Phoenix Rising” and “Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy”. These two are both very close to being ready and I’ll be making an announcement about one of them in the very near future. Bandits has already had its beta testing run, so it’s going through some final adjustments before it goes gold. Disciples has been with us for far too long and getting it ready for beta is a huge priority of ours. As far as games beyond that go, we have a few exciting, unannounced titles that we’re working on, but I’m not going to let anything out of the bag just yet

    Now that you are the CEO of Linux Games Publishing, what kind of new things should we expect from this company?

    I think one of the largest differences between Michael and myself is that I’m more inclined towards using third parties for the tasks we don’t specialize in. I will be outsourcing some of the work we do outside of our infrastructure. One of the first things I did when we were looking into this was to move our customer support off LGP servers, to a third party provider. This means I can spend a little less time on maintaining portions of our own services that aren’t related directly to getting games out there and focus on the games themselves. I will also be focusing more on the digital arena and you should hopefully see our products soon on platforms like Desura, Gameolith and others.

    Besides porting, are we going to see any original LGP creations in the future?

    Prior to my arrival at LGP, Michael had already started on one original creation – a puzzle game. I’m sure now that I’ve taken over the running of LGP, Michael will have more time on his hands to complete this, which will of course be published by LGP. We have a few other ideas between us and I’m very sure that in the future we’ll see several original LGP games.