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  • check
    Beer seriously?

    I don't know, but i have the feeling that in Germany more Club Mate is drunken than beer.
    But the last MobileMacs episode was epic full of beer

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  • b15hop
    I have faith in valve for some reason. I expected UT3 to be cancelled because it's gone the way of M$. I have way more faith in valve and steam than epic. Even though epic are an amazing team.

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  • Cory
    This have more than a year...

    and still nothing

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  • Hasenpfote
    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    Bavarian beer is my favorite but I annually go to the Berlin International Beer Festival... I also have gone to Karneval in the past and some other festivals in the north, but the Bavarian ones are the best. I'll also drink a non-Bavarian German beer once in a while.
    Where is the cry smilie? *sniff* I want to cry!

    Its Weissbier! I don't care it it a 10 Euro bottle, its still Weissbier. Perhaps I try it if I see one just for saying "I drank expensive and rare beer" but its still banana-juice!
    I doubt that hinstamine has anything to do with a hangover. Histamine it the thing that causes alerical reactions (so called anti-histamines are used for reducing them ).
    The hangover comes from the amount of sugar and "bad" alcohols (so called Fuselalkohole). "Good" alcohol is ethanol, bad ones are methanol, propanol, butanol, etc. (I just read it )

    Nice overview can be found here:
    And as you see, Weissbier has far more of the bad alcohols than Pilsener. So Weissbier tastes like bananajuice and makes a terrible hangover!
    I guess that Dinkel-Beer has less of those bad acohols.

    @Michael: You heard of any terrible deaths at Valve after your visit?

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  • Michael
    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    in fact he do not come to other events. "Cannstatter-wasen" for example. He is Bavarian focused.
    Bavarian beer is my favorite but I annually go to the Berlin International Beer Festival... I also have gone to Karneval in the past and some other festivals in the north, but the Bavarian ones are the best. I'll also drink a non-Bavarian German beer once in a while.

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  • Hasenpfote
    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    you do a real mistake because: michael buy german beer in the USA
    this means he can not chose from german supermarket with 200-300 different kind of beers.
    I know. But arent there any other beers than Bavarian ones? Or does he only know Bavarian beer from his trips to the Oktoberfest?

    in germany you would define a rare beer in another way. maybe the "Unertl BIO-Dinkel(Spelt) Weisse or Apostelbr?u Dinkel(Spelt) " is a rare special. (these Spelt are the most expensiv beer's because Spelt is 4 times more expensiv than Wheat)
    Honestely: This is Dinkel-Banana-juice!

    Weisse aka Weissbier is not a beer! I hate this banana flavour. If you like Weissbier go straight for Berliner Weisse with Rasberry or Waldmeister sirup!

    it depend on who you ask a swabian will prever a "Stuttgarter Hofbreu" a badener will prever a "Rothaus" like the "Tannenz?pfle"
    Are they good? Perhaps I should check my local supermarket.
    in fact michael need "help" please send him all your beer ! then he can make a better beer benchmark!
    I doubt one can send glas bottles to the US (terror laws and stuff ). But next time he is in Germany he should make a trip north of the Main to check real beers (I just read that Bavarians say every beer north from the Main is not a beer )
    A friend from England has this as his favorite beer (and we tested a lot from the local drink store ):

    I don't mean the Porter from England (I tasted it and its quite nice)
    I meant the Porter from Saxionia: Lausitzer Porter
    Very sweet (sweet as in "sweet as honey" ) and very nice. They also have a "Strong porter" where 3x 0,3 bottles kick you out of your shoes (but that one is like the english Porters)

    To summarize:
    If Valve cancels Steam for Linux, its Michaels fault because all developers died when their bodies turned inside out to get rid of that beer!

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  • PeterKraus
    I think you'll find Porter is a typically an English (London) beer. Similarly Pilsener is originally Czech (albeit an imported technology from Germany perfected in Plzen).

    But you're right, those beers are not that exciting. As I said above, I found the Rauchbier severely lacking in taste, mainly due to it's lager-like (ie. nonexistent) body. Maybe if it was a smoked ale....

    Also, Salvator is a doppel-bock.
    Last edited by PeterKraus; 05-02-2012, 08:55 AM.

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  • Hasenpfote
    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    LOL ???? damn what is your problem ?
    That Micheal killed all Valve developers with the most disgusting kind of beer brewed under the "Deutsches Reinheitsgebot".

    Franziskaner *spit* Tastes like piss after eating 10kg of bananas
    Weihenstephaner Korbinian *sp...* wait.. its a Doppelbock... WTF? I should learn to read.
    Paulaner Salvator *sp...* ah fuck, I cant know any of the x-thousand German beer. If it is a Weizen, see Franziskaner-comment
    Ayinger - Lager "Memo to me: learn to read"
    Franziskaner Dunkel - *spit* see Franziskaner comment (just with old black bananas)

    But still:
    No Pilsener, K?lsch, Alt, Porter, etc. pp.
    Just bavarian junk.
    I vote for kicking Bavaria out of Germany!
    The Bavarians want to leave (hint: small typo makes Babarian out of Bavarians which is quite close to reality!), other Germans want them to leave, so ALL would be happy!
    People in Lederhosen and Dirndl are just but-ugly! Ok, there are some nice 19 year old girls looking nice in Dirndls, but they look nice in any clothers and even naked they are still looking good!
    That's why I prefer the beach to watch 19 year old girls than the Oktoberfest (never been there, but there are cheaper occasions to see drunk German girls).
    Furthermore the rest of Germany talks some kind of understanable language. The "Gebrabbel" of the Babarians (no typo) is not understandable for any civilized human.

    And Micheal killed half Valve with the babarian drinks.

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  • Hasenpfote
    Big thanks Michael!
    Thanks to your arkward and disgusting taste, all Valve developers who taste this cat-piss will die horribly!

    I don't understand how people can drink cat-piss with banana flavour!

    Get a GODDAMN Pilsener!
    Or Lager
    Or Export
    Or K?lsch (aka Pussy-beer, whereby I like it very much! Go to Cologne and try it. In a oldschool pub the waitress will bring new ones without you needed to ask!).
    Or Porter (the sweet one from Saxionia)
    Or Alt-Bier!
    And if you are a man, and not an American pussy, try Bock-Bier! As a REAL man try Doppel-Bock!

    EVERYTHING tastes better than this banana juice!

    Although I have to admit the Rauchbier sounds interesting...

    So no Linux client from Valve thanks to Michael!

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  • GreatEmerald
    Originally posted by Kamikaze View Post
    I've definitely noticed an unusually high number of people complaining on these forums about pretty much anything they can. I'm guessing the majority actually enjoy your articles and that you get a reasonable hit count to your pages. Unfortunately that majority is probably silent and don't post in the forums.
    Pretty much. I'm in the "They're fine for what they are" department.

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