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  • Liberated Pixel Cup

    I've been a long time Phoronix reader and fan, but it's my first time posting in the forums...

    I wanted to spread the word about the Liberated Pixel Cup. It's a contest where the goal is to make Free-as-in-Freedom Art and Games for Linux Platforms, using Free-as-in-Freedom tools.

    The contest is split in 2 phases. Phase One, in June, will have Artists make CC-BY-SA 3 / GPLv3 Sprites, Tilesets and other assets. Phase Two, in July, will have Game Devs use said assets and make their own games, licensed GPLv3.

    The donations they're gathering will be used as cash prizes for the contestants, as well as to pay for commisioned art (So that there's at least a very solid base for the Game Devs to work on during Phase 2)

    I'm excited for this contest. Spread the word, there needs to be more contests like these that further spread Free Software. :-)