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A Look At The First 10 Humble Bundles

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  • A Look At The First 10 Humble Bundles

    Recently, I wrote an article that takes a look at the statistics and figures that have come out of the first ten Humble Bundle promotions. In it, I look at the changing shape and frequency of bundles over time, what the fluctuations in revenue, averages and purchases might indicate, and also talk a bit about what it all might imply about Linux gaming and Linux gamers.

    In addition to my own thoughts, I've also gathered some quotes and anecdotes from top Humble Bundle contributors including Notch (from Mojang - who make Minecraft), Garry Newman (from Facepunch Studios - who make Garry's Mod), TPJeff (of Team Phobic - who make Dragon Vale and other iOS games), ExpiredPopsicle (from Cryptic Studios - who make City of Heroes and other MMOs), NimbleDave (from NimbleBit - who make iOS games games), Mt.Gox (a Bitcoin site whose CEO is excited about indie games), tantepose (a technology journalist with and humblebrony (an effort to gather community contributions for the Humble Bundle promotions from My Little Pony fans).

    In addition to this article, I also maintain a page called the Humble Visualisations, which aggregates Humble Bundle statistics and calculates some additional derivative figures.


    I'm also keen to read and discuss any thoughts or interpretations that the Phoronix community has, so if you've got opinions, please share them