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New Linux Gaming Benchmarks Published

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  • New Linux Gaming Benchmarks Published

    Phoronix: New Linux Gaming Benchmarks Published

    There's several new test profiles available for stressing your Linux OpenGL drivers and hardware...

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    its great to see phorornix supporting projects that can take a good old tried and true engine and add on features and modifications that can totaly wreak any performance and compatibility it previously may of had with little to no real visual or architectual improvements while we gain hardly any real statistical value. seriously if the phoronix test suite game list was a family tree it would probobly be illeagal for any of them to ever have any more offspring.

    i know its not easy to find games that offer an easy way to measute frame rate, but come up with some sort of a way to count the buffer swaps or something to allow you to use games loke heroes of newerth or trine or some game that doesnt have its code based on some anchient Id game. when you list world of padman and then quake 3 and whatever other quake 3 engine game it means nothing more than if you just mention one of them. at least put ut2k4 in there, actualy the worst part sofar has been that weve been whining about mesa 3.0 and 4.o compatibility with mesa, but phorornix test suite hardly even covers most of the opengl 1.4 specification (doom 3 and ut2k4 was about the end of 1.4, right before we moved onto 2.0) so i dont even feel like we have much of a test for 2.0 specifications, much less than the newly aquired 3.0 capabilities mesa has. just because someone modified the q3 engine to use 2.0 or 3.0 stuff doesnt mean it really stesses the spec (it shure as hell doesnt look like it most of the time)

    we need to try and broaden the game selection for testing.


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      Originally posted by benjamin545 View Post

      we need to try and broaden the game selection for testing.
      Something that is not that ol'. Just like iodoom3.

      But just take a look at the commit log of iodoom3 master. Seems dead to me.