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    Shadowrun Returns just passed the $1M mark.


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      Originally posted by thalaric View Post
      Shadowrun Returns announced today that they are going to support linux after all. Support will come after release like Banner Saga. Is anyone still interested or is this just insult to injury?
      Sweet, I re-pledged thanks to your comments. Cheers!


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        Another game has announced potential linux support:

        Grim Dawn (ends May 18)
        Ex Titan-Quest developers who formed a company named Crate Entertainment and are developing another titan quest/diablo style game. They have announced that if they manage to reach $800k they will do a Linux port, and at $950k a Mac OS X port.
        They are currently as of the time of this post at $129,718 so it's early days.

        I just have to post some quotes from the comments they made in the kickstarter comments
        Originally posted by Crate Entertainment
        I know the Linux audience tends to contribute a disproportionately large amount to projects relative to their size but we'd need to arrive at some numbers where we felt comfortable that the Linux pledges would have reached a level to reasonable fund the port. Having talked it over recently with a few programmers, I think it would be safe to say that we could do the port if we reached $800k. If we reached $650k I think there is a reasonable chance we could make it happen but I wouldn't want to promise it. The Linux release may also come a little after the game was finished. I've gotten a lot of requests over the past few days, I've talked to our programmer and other people with experience, including a few other Linux advocates here, and I think these are the best numbers I can give that we feel comfortable we can reasonable deliver on. Please though, please make the Linux emails stop, you won! ; )
        And then shortly after:
        Originally posted by Crate Entertainment
        So the decision, after careful deliberation, was that we could comfortable commit to Linux at $800k and Mac at $950k. A little lower than that, we think there is a decent chance we can make the ports happen but not at a confident level where we could commit to it. You can see the FAQ for more. If you're wondering why Linux is lower, it is a matter of the "squeaky wheel getting the grease". We received only 1-2 emails from Mac users but have been bombarded by emails and comments from Linux folks. Volume speaks and we have listened!
        ... I think that's just pure awesome right there

        I hope the community keeps this up, the above quote proves that the vocal Linux backers on kickstarter are making at least a bit of a difference and that's a great start!


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          Sword of Justice - RTS in WWII setting.
          If we succeed to collect the necessary support then we would prepare the game not only for the Windows but for the iPad, OSX, and Linux as well.


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            Sword Of Justice

            A new Linux friendly project at Kickstarter:
            This a real time strategy game from Hungary. Take a look!


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              OverDose NEW (; cc or paypal)


              Finally, A high quality open source FPS project (check the quality on the video).

              " the moment theres only a Windows version in the works, but we have had a few people that understand Linux have a look same as we did with Quake II Evolved, and like there I’m sure we will get a port of it up and running at some point. At this moment we only one single coder so Windows is of course going to take priority!"

              This project is GPL (see the source here).
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                Sword Of Justice confirmed Linux support in FAQ:
                Originally posted by 4Flash
                The Linux version was planned from the start of the project, but we have not expected any interest in it, so we did not mentioned this before on the kickstarter page. Sorry about that. Some rewards are locked now, we can not edit those anymore, but the Linux verison is ofcourse a choosable option as reward.
                Legends of Eisenwald is looking forward OS X and Linux support, but nothing clear yet.
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                  Updated wiki list

                  Alright, I have updated the list that snuwoods had made with all the games linked in this thread.


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                    Devil Gene R is missing from the list. It looks like they have a demo already, but they need ~$7,000 in the next 8 days to get funded. Sounds like an interesting story, funding.


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                      Do you guys know of any Linux only (or Linux and Windows, but no iEvil port) games? I wouldn't like to pledge money for something that includes a platform I'm against, so if there are any Linux only or evilfree games, I'd really like to support them.