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There Exists A Native Linux Port Of CryEngine 3

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  • There Exists A Native Linux Port Of CryEngine 3

    Phoronix: There Exists A Native Linux Port Of CryEngine 3

    While most Linux gamers are currently eager for the imminent news concerning Valve's Linux client efforts, there's some more interesting news that I've learned this week as well: there exists a native Linux port of CryEngine 3...

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    So this effectively means that Crytek only leaves the Linux port as an option to their licensees.
    I wonder why they don't provide an Linux client for Crysis 2?
    Maybe they don't want to provide support.
    But then again, they could just release the client as is and label it "may kill kittens". :/


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      Isn't the game industry as a whole, dying?

      Personally I think consoles games have commanded the PC gaming field and therefore killed highest capactity innovsation that PC games used to push. IF there's any money to be had it's in selling phone games, and targeting simpletons on the consoles.

      Also the economy of Western Nations isn't helping.

      Maybe I'm wrong?


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        Originally posted by e8hffff View Post
        Isn't the game industry as a whole, dying?
        At least the innovative heart of the large-scale game industry died a long time ago, I agree.
        Now, if you look carefully, indie game developers and the kickstarter stuff
        might fill this gap. Of course on a much smaller scale.


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          well unlike the WoW client, cryengine 3 is.. well an engine. afaik, crytek does license it to other companies, so if that company chooses to port their game to linux then they can.

          what i don't get is why bother porting code when you don't support the platform? maybe blizzard did it because they're filthy rich and had the resources to waste time and money like that, but crytek isn't nearly as wealthy and they're not nearly as selfish as blizzard so they must've made this for a reason.

          I wouldn't say the gaming industry is dying, the problem is companies like ea and activision are buying out every single good or even half-decent development group and corrupt the games to the point where they profit. so all we're left with is a bunch of mediocre, unoriginal games that are extremely incomplete without DLC. the newest commercial game i bought was borderlands, and that game isn't new.

          movies have the same problem. i haven't seen a single movie i found enjoyable that was made within the past year and a half. i admit i don't go out to see them often, but that's also because none of them look interesting in their trailers.

          its all about money these days. major companies can ensure quality, but they couldn't give you something original or entertaining even if you removed games/movies from history within the past 20 years.


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            Originally posted by e8hffff View Post
            Isn't the game industry as a whole, dying?
            Your wrong, because you are actually right. The industri has already died, it happened in 1 region in 1 spesific era. The Great Video Game Crash of 1983. And why are you right? Because it was just a few years before the game marked globalized across regions. Basically what happened is that companies attempted to hoard money on making shit games from niece games, and combined with the technical limitations of the age it created a marked that stagnated because there was no sensible way to filter out the crap from the good. Basically companies attempted to launch blockbusters before they existed, and failed to put enough resources in it, and enough companies was doing it as the same time to completely saturnate the marked.
            But why the crash in 1983 happened is the exact reason why it can't happen today: The trade barrier between the regions no longer exist, the hardware power of the consols also filter out a lot of crap, and the cost of marked entry is so high that it also reduces the amount of crap we receive. On the top of this, all the console makers are doing crap filtering of some sort, at the least a tiny bit. And this is combined with review mags and sites, and we even have 100% peer review on sites like 4chan, where after filtering out he hate and trolling you have a good picture of how good a game is.
            The crash of 1983 won't ever happen again, however, what happens instead is that companies go Titanic for odd reasons. Read about what happened to Sega and the Dreamcast: Sega was about to go up on its ties, and really throw in some heavy weight in the marked. Instead... it flopped because of a number of reasons, while the hardware was good, and this flop was too dearly costy. At a relative point, studios like NWC and Black Isle also went down, for financial reasons.

            Look at it this way: The gaming marked won't crash, but a niece of it will crash, most likely the blockbuster part of it, but it may be too large to even be able to fail, because the blockbuster is not a niece.
            However, on the top of this, we also have Kickstarter and Steam platforms. There will be no great marked crash because there is no central point to the marked, and nothing is really connected properly.
            This is a great contrast to the normal stuff that runs society, where everything is connected to the banks in some forms, and a whole lot of it is depending on about every company buying from other companies to create a fast enough cash circulation to avoid stagnation.


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              Reading the news, it feels like many companies does have linux port of some titles.
              I still don't get, if they have done the port, why don't they sell it or make it available, to try to boost the sales.

              I can understand a company who don't want to invest in a linux port.
              But i really can't understand that when having this port done or almost done, why they just don't even try to sell it?

              Imagine that I could accept paying a few bucks more to get a native linux client and being able to simply play modern game titles on Linux.


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                Crytek is the last company to make anything for Linux. More then likely they're preparing for an uncertain future. Most likely due to Valve being also interested in Linux. For the longest time Apple had an X86 port for this very purpose.

                If Steam makes it to Linux, there's a lot of reasons to make linux games as well. Especially if Android has a desktop future, which I hope doesn't.


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                  IIRC the original Far Cry (not sure they already call the engine 'Cryengine') already had both DX and OGL renderers. And they both worked under wine. So perhaps they have some kind of abstraction layer that they kept til today..


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                    hey guys, quick question. how many more fps's do there need to be before there are too many?

                    next question, how many more fps's with an m4 does there need to be before there are too many?