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Humble Bundle Android 2 Ends At $682k USD

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    ive bought all of them except for the first one. i pay like 7-10 dollars. i often dont even play them as i dont really have a gaming rig yet. i just figure illhave them when i want them to try out. i know some people think that paying less than 10$ or whatever is being a cheap ass. but look. half these bundles are have half their games as a beta or generaly incompleate state. and the other half of the bundles is half flash games. look, back in the day (like 2005 ish) flash was used just to make little free games on the internet. you dont sell a flash game. whilr smuggle truck is cool, its a flash game. its not really worth any money on its own.

    the other major annoyance with hib is they keep releasing steam keys but have basically stopped doing desura. desura is linux freindly so it therefore is more awsome than steam.