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Linux Tycoon: A Game Where You... Build A Distro

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  • Linux Tycoon: A Game Where You... Build A Distro

    Phoronix: Linux Tycoon: A Game Where You... Build A Distro

    If first person shooters aren't your thing, you are not interested in Trine 2, or just too impatient waiting for Source games on Linux, there's a new Linux game that was released today: Linux Tycoon...

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    Obviously inspired by


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      Originally posted by d2kx View Post
      Did you actually play the game or are you speculating?


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        Sorry guys. I already have Gentoo. I play Linux Tycoon for years now.
        Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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          Only way Im giving this guy 4 bucks is if it buys my the right to kick him in the nads.

          He is to Linux what Don Cherry is to hockey.


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            Linux Tycoon version 1.0 was reviewed on the Linux Action Show... and... they compared it to stinky cheese. Not ideal...


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              I know it says "Beta", but it's missing some things in the initial release; namely:
              • A victory condition -- the game seems to go on forever.
              • A save function -- combined with no victory condition, this essentially means your match is pointless, and immediately forgotten when you end the process. (It'd be pretty pointless regardless, but at least this way you could share your save game with others for bragging rights.)
              • The versions of the softwares never change, so release 100 of your distro basically just ends up shipping a wider variety of software, and not more advanced software. The software itself should change over time, and this should -- for example -- affect the rate that new bugs are generated for that software. For instance, when a new major release of a software comes out, it should generate lots of bugs. Especially for QDE.
              • RPMs not available - booo.
              • 64-bit build not available - booo.
              • Source not available - booo.
              • Binary appears to use blowfish encryption for something...? I need to run it with Wireshark running to see what the hell it thinks it's doing with crypto... doesn't sound good.. unauthorized phone home? Keylogging?

              Lots of interesting strings inside the binary, including references to Windows ("OLE")...