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  • Der Faden entgleitet thematisch "leicht".
    Was soll Gabe bloss denken?


    • Originally posted by entropy View Post
      Der Faden entgleitet thematisch "leicht".
      Was soll Gabe bloss denken?
      Ich denke nicht, dass Gabe hier im Forum liest. Wenn, dann nur Michaels Artikel.


      • Im Ernst? Sind Sie auf Jungs absichtlich versucht zu 10 Seiten mehr Faden der grammatischen Analyse und-Korrektur zu beschw?ren?


        • Gabe, gib uns Steam f?r Linux! Wir versprechen auch, sch?n viel geld auszugeben


          • was ist los hier?
            ist es oder

            aber ja. Gib uns Steam f?r Linux!


            • Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
              There's a few good reasons why Valve would have interest in Linux.

              They're probably not fans of the new consoles. The new consoles are basically PCs but with app stores. Those app stores are probably going to kill Steam, or at least attempt too. Microsoft will have games for the next generation Xbox that'll also be playable on PCs and tablets. Sony will stick with X86 to retain that compatibility, while Microsoft will probably go ARM.

              Now imagine yourself as Valve who has built this huge service called Steam. What Microsoft and Sony is doing is taking away this business from Valve. This is where the rumors of the Steam console comes in. Whatever the hardware they decide to use, they'll have to contend with an OS first.

              #1 They could use Windows and load up a Steam UI to take over. Though this will risk having users bypass this to download games off Microsoft's app store.
              #2 Working with Apple to create this Steam machine might work, but Apple wouldn't want to work with them. In fact, they'll want their games on their app store and forget about Steam.
              #3 Create a working version of Steam for Linux and try working around a lot of the existing graphical issues that exist. Most likely resulting in the creation of the Steam app, and possibly the Steam distro.

              Valve feels threaten by Microsoft and Sony as they want to take a piece of the pie.
              I could see this......
              Microsoft, Sony and Apple do use these types of tactics to control the markets. It very would be wise for Valve to create their own operating system for a console. But why start from scratch when there is already great system to start with? Plus releasing Stream to Linux would not only increase their share of the market, but it would also draw an in a new class of gamers to the console market. I know if they to to build a console powered by Linux running stream games, I would most likely buy it. Also this would help Linux move people from the "Other OS's" to Linux. I have many friends that will not ditch Windows just because they are gamers and Linux don't have the games they want. I know there is Wine , but in reality Wine can be a pain to get configured even for older games.

              Following message is for Valve.......
              Please , bring us Steam and a Linux based Console.....


              • Originally posted by Qaridarium

                "Im Ernst? Sind die Jungs hier wirklich am versuchen auf 10 Seiten mehr exaktheit der grammatischen Analyse und-Korrektur zu beschw?ren?"

                maybe you try to learn german.
                Deswegen ist er doch gerade hier

                Wo bleibt nun unser Steam und unsere Source-Engine f?r unser ach so geliebtes Lnux?
                Wann ist es endlich soweit?
                Welche Spiele sind beim Start dabei?
                Werden alle Source-Engine-Spiele laufen?
                In wie weit m?ssen die Source-Engine-Spiele-Entwickler selber handanlegen und was kann alles von Steam/Valve erledigt werden?
                Wird das Source-SDK auch unter Linux laufen?
                Werden auch die alten GoldSrc-Spiele (Half-Life, Counter-Strike, ...) portiert?
                Wird Steamworks funktionieren?
                Ist Desura damit erledigt?

                Where is our Steam and our Source-engine for our oh-so-beloved LNUX?
                When will it finally arrive?
                What games are there at start?
                Will all Source-engine games run?
                How far must developers modify their Source Engine game themselves, and what can be done by Steam / Valve?
                Will the Source SDK run on Linux?
                Will the old GoldSrc games (Half-Life, Counter-Strike, ...) be ported?
                Steamworks will work?
                Desura is over?


                • Αδόλφος Χίτλερ

                  Ο Αδόλφος Χίτλερ ήταν ένας αυστριακός-γεννημένος Γερμανός πολιτικός και ο ηγέτης του Εθνικού Σοσιαλιστικού Εργατικού Κόμματος Γερμανίας (που συνήθως αναφέρονται ως NAZI Κόμμα). Ήταν καγκελάριος της Γερμανίας από και δικτάτορας της ναζιστικής Γερμανίας ως Qaridarium Φύρερ. Χίτλερ συνήθως συνδέεται με την άνοδο του φασισμού στην Ευρώπη, Β 'Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο, και το Ολοκαύτωμα.


                  • Left out!

                    As someone who doesn't understand German I feel left out of this thread!


                    • Originally posted by Kristian Joensen View Post
                      As someone who doesn't understand German I feel left out of this thread!
                      Oh, you're not missing anything. Trust me.