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    I'm really considering to buy it, just to support Linux Gaming, but I simply don't know what to expect.

    Right now I can see someone running through rooms and hitting skeletons with his sword and not much more. I've read what devs are planning to add: , which sounds good, but I need more details to be convinced :/ Something like screenshots or at least some sketches and descriptions.


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      I believe that the consensus is:

      1: People do not want to pay $10 to test software.
      2: The game in the video looks dated compared to modern offerings (Skyrim)
      3: It is not FOSS.

      This game looks more like Morrowind, which can currently be purchased 2nd hand for $10. Plus you'll get a level editor, and a ton of content if you pick up the GOTY trilogy.


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        i bought it.
        but i agree, we dont know much about this game.
        and the current alpha releases arent telling anytihing also.

        one of the dev listed all the features that will be in the final game in gaming on linux website.

        sword swinging - I would like to have the mechanic you mentioned above, we're still figuring out how exactly we want to do the melee weapon control mechanics. We're also keeping in mind that the player will want to control which type of attack he does and which way his weapon swings in a convenient manner.

        ranged weapons - Yes. I'm assuming you mean bows and thrown knives/axes and whatnot. Spells are currently the only ranged weapon but we do plan to add more options for ranged players.

        player movement speed - It's not final. This still needs to be balanced against faster AI and other players in PvP combat.

        knock back in combat - Currently everything causes knockback, even spells, but the exact force still needs balancing. If you use a more powerful spell it's going to knock back the target further. Melee attacks also knock back the target. The velocity all depends on the angle of the hit.

        spell damage vs mana usage - The mana usage is based directly off the charge you have built up. The mana actually drains AS you charge the bar. Spell damage is also directly based on how far the bar is built up, and it should be ramping evenly so that the spell damage you put out is based only on the mana you spend to cast spells. So if you use all your mana with rapid fire spells or you use it all up with huge charged spells, you should be doing the same amount of damage. Spells that use more costly or a higher number of runes cost more mana, so a throw spell is going to be a lot cheaper than a direct spell.

        slow skeletons - Skeletons are a weak enemy, there will be more powerful versions later that don't rely on melee attacks, as well as faster enemies that you'll have a hard time keeping distance from.

        dungeon levels - There are major plans for multiple dungeon levels. The game will progressively get harder the deeper you go and the dungeon environment will change. You will be given the option of using bind points to respawn at so that you don't have to find your way through a maze to get back to some deep dungeon level. But they probably won't be permanent, you may have to maintain them somehow.

        chest item pickup - I've been considering a key to just grab all nearby objects, or possibly some other option if you have any suggestions. Just rubbing up against the chest to grab items seems odd to me, but i am not disregarding it as an option.

        more enemies - As I mentioned earlier, there will be harder, more challenging enemies that don't need a hoard to take you down. Though, I would still like to see some swarming type of AI like goblins or giant spiders or something.

        mod support - Not really sure about actual game modding, but there has been talk about allowing the player to rebuild dungeon areas to their liking after blowing into an empty area. That would allow you to essentially create your own dungeon, perhaps for in-game purposes such as a secret clan hall or a place to set up an encampment to bind to, but not to go as far as create an adventure with scripted and placed AI and whatnot.

        crafting - We want to add that. It's essential to any rpg in my opinion.

        placing torches - We want to add that as well. It sort of depends on performance.

        minimap - We will add fog of war so you can't see where you haven't been. This also helps the player navigate and not get lost in the maze.

        hope they get enaugh money to finish it.


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          Also just in: not all Windows games sell well.


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            Originally posted by XorEaxEax View Post
            Also just in: not all Windows games sell well.
            /emote Begins a slow clap



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              Originally posted by oliw View Post
              I'm not surprised. When I first saw this I thought it looked like a poor clone of Hexen 2. Considering Hex2 is over 15 years old, that's not a good first reaction.
              I agree.. With games like Skyrim and Amnesia already on the market.. It's a *VERY* tough sell to push a game like this in this genre...


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                Originally posted by russofris View Post
                2: The game in the video looks dated compared to modern offerings (Skyrim)
                That wouldn't put me off. But it looks boring. Slightly different genre, but Arx Fatalis looks better to me (and much more enjoyable), and is quite dated by now.

                On the topic of the Humble Bundle, without that I'd never have player Steel Storm (which I liked) and known much about Kot In Action. So far, nothing else I've seen from them appeals to me though.


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                  Well, Whatever - I just bought it on Desura. I just hope that it'll be worth it (in the future :P)


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                    to Devs


                    For the record, i have bought one of your games, that top down shooter.

                    It had relatively nice graphics. I only bought it for eye candy, i don't even like the genre of it. It was not the best game i ever played, but not the worst one. I don't regret I bought it, it was good experience to try this sort of games.

                    This game had something. I liked it, I bought it.

                    Now, we look at trailer that looks like something from late ninties. I never played that sort of games, so I have no idea about game play. Graphics, is mediocre at best.

                    Where I stand - your advertising has failed big time. Perhaps your game IS actually good, lets just assume that. Making some specific niche genre 3D - doenst automatically make it good. A few days ago I have bought fallout 1. I AM SO HAPPY about it. 2 D in it's best. I played fallout 3, it's not same, its entirely different thing.

                    We, customers don't see and don't understand why yout game is best, not well enough explained. And frankly, doing such thing as you did, contacting Phoronix, will probably do more bad than good. IMHO it seems like you are trying to go safe way, by gettting Alpha funding and in worse case scenario, you are already at least somewhat covered. Win/win for you. I don't mind you wanting to be safe, but not at my expense.

                    Imho, your first video failed, do another one.
                    If you think you are good - make alpha available to people, like Oilrush team did.

                    And while I bitch - I actually buy linux games. All S2 titles(spend more money on gold skins than on game itself), all FPS drom ID, Trine, all Shadowgrounds, a few Humble Indie Bundles, Oilrush, just to name a few.

                    Every day I look for a game to buy for Linux, and most of time I just get dissapointment.

                    Just my 5 bitchy-itchy cents.


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                      It is odd that casual games sell very well on Linux, but story driven 3d games rarely do.