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Humble Bundle Mojam is a Farce

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  • Humble Bundle Mojam is a Farce

    In the past the Humble Bundle has been pretty decent at ensuring the games run on Linux and are supported but this last one is a complete joke. Take Oxeye's game for example. This is from the FAQ:

    Q: I have Linux but the downloads page only has a Windows build. A: The Oxeye team has informed us that they do not plan to release the game for Linux. However, it should run in WINE.

    If I had known that I would not have purchased this latest one. If a company can't be bothered to support Linux but use a forum like Humble Bundle, which is advertised as multiplatform, then they should not be allowed to participate. This was dishonest of Oxeye and disingenuous of Wolfire.

    Catacomb Snatch was thrown over the wall and crashes on Linux. At least support has been picked up but again no Linux client.

    Broadside Express has no Linux client and the flash version listed as "test" doesn't work.

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    you are just right. i don't buy it anyway.
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      It was a neat idea but I don't think it paned out very well. Its the lowest grossing humble bundle too so I don't expect them to repeat it.


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        Did you report these to Wolfire? Tweet them or something damn it