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    I think motorsep had not understand some of things right.

    1. Linux people will appreciate linux-native version only if it is feature paar with other platforms.
    This is same for all platforms. If the platform realisation is crap, people will grab copy of platform where it works better. People will not appreaciate crappy realisation. This is why some people use WINE and most consider it much better that using windows just for games - which would mean microsoft wins with binding to platform and its monopoly is saved (this is why nvidia people prefer nvidia, even if it does no opensource drivers).

    This means do your job properly and do not use linux as excuse for pushing crap. This goes to AMD as well.

    2. Commercial is not closed source. Commercial development can be closed source or open source.
    Closed source is not same as opensource.
    You are using commercial, closed source model. You are developing for opensource system (one of them or primary).
    There are positive and negative things - with every model. Generally closed source development is crap and your development is not different from what microsofties do. This is not trolling or flaming, this is just fact please accept it as it is.
    For example, unreal tornament from epic had linux clients and servers. Once epic stopped supporting it, it became unsusable.
    Essentially, you are dooming your game with this model, but it is your choice.

    Other commercial variants to fuel your project:

    opensource (one man show) - program in your free or freelance time, set required money amount monthly. You need to do job so people see progress and justificate their donations. If you organise this correctly, you can be going fast and earning money for your work.

    opensource (collective) - set concrete tasks and estimated money required; once goal met - code, reporting progress. Result is opensource (wikipedia). You need working project so people realise you won?t BS them, or it won?t work.

    opensource code + payware for non-code(sound, gfx, text etc). The source is open and you can use open approach. The data neccessary to play your game is available only for those who payed for the game. This method has advantage of fixing your code, should you not support it in future.

    closed source / opensource buyout model = once people pay cirtain sum - release the project free or change to opensource model (blender). Make it proprietary before it happens.

    closed source / partial opensource subscription model - once you subscribe you have access to code and can help (carefull with proper license here).

    closed source / with development license model - source is closed untill you pay development license (unigine uses this). This is proprietary license with partial release for those few who want source.

    Currently you are essentially developing closed source, one-man-show. The only difference between you and say epic games, is that your release platform is linux. This is still very much appreciated, but you cannot justify money collection with "releasing for linux" and keeping quality low, model - proprietary, and whining... Trolls are everywhere, you don?t need to kill them- many people use linux and simply ignore garbage what wintrolls post - damn even windoofs antivirus software (like kaspersky) uses linux for *official* livecd. Linux is already mature for desktop.

    We love you.
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      My impression is that you are trying to push "diablo"-like dungeons and dragons rpg into 3d.
      Things that I would *want*:
      - automatically random generated levels.
      - more more sword idling animations.
      - character classes?
      - character development tree? (diablo 2 has it right, compare char-trees of barbar vs paladin vs spellcaster)


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        Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
        Currently you are essentially developing closed source,
        he use a opensource engine right now. this means its a mix of opensource and closed source.
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