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Miguel de Icaza Calls For More Mono, C# Games

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  • Miguel de Icaza Calls For More Mono, C# Games

    Phoronix: Miguel de Icaza Calls For More Mono, C# Games

    Miguel de Icaza presented this weekend at AltDevConf where he heavily promoted Mono and using C# for game developers...

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    I think I slightly threw up.


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      Originally posted by snuwoods View Post
      I think I slightly threw up.
      I did.

      Seriously.... Miguel de Icaza just needs to let C# die a natural death as nature intended.


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        the mono project is a very important and beneficial project for the linux and open source community. but he is marketing it in the same light as java, html, or gtk. as if it is critical or central, or a legitimately useful tool to create with. what he and everyone else needs to realize is that mono is more akin to wine or samba. it is a tool to allow linux (or any other system in a similar disposition) to ingratiate into an otherwise hostile environment. it should be used to allow peoples existing .net code to run on linux or mac or whatever without a complete rewrite. to tell developers to go and make new linux centric applications or games with it is foolish at best.


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          The CLR doesn't completely do away with memory problems. I monitor VMs running a mission-critical legacy application written in C# that starts off using ~70MB of memory and can bloat out to 1.5GB if it hasn't crashed for some other reason.


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            Well, given that Miguel Icaza is now earning his living by selling Monotouch and Mono for Android then obviously he will be feverishly pushing for more games being made with Mono/C#.

            Not that there's anything wrong with that, but one should be aware that his message of how great Mono is for development is directly linked with his way of making money and thus hardly an objective opinion.

            Still, despite the performance shortcomings of vm based managed languages like Mono there's certainly a large spectrum of games in which the loss of performance versus that of native code won't matter at all and then Mono/Java will do just as well.

            The guy loves his Mono, so I hope he can successfully make a living out of it. Just as long as he stays away from the Linux desktop


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              What happenend to Java, and Python and Haskell, all of which are better languages for writing a game in and don't require manual memory management?


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                For that matter, what happened to using C++ in a sane OO way, which makes manual memory management pretty painless in most cases?


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                  What about Vala for games?


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                    The big question in my mind is if C# is the worst language ever, or if its still java, I'm not counting visual basic here just because it was never put out like other languages as the 'language to end all languages'