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Clive Crous CEO ? Linux Game Publishing: "Greetings Fellow Linux Gamers"

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  • Clive Crous CEO ? Linux Game Publishing: "Greetings Fellow Linux Gamers"

    Great news:

    "Greetings Fellow Linux Gamers
    February 4th, 2012 by clivecrous
    Firstly, I absolutely have to thank Michael for all the years of hard work he?s put into making Linux Game Publishing what it is today. Without Michael?s years of dedication so much of what is Linux Gaming as we know it today simply wouldn?t exist. It?s on his shoulders that I find myself standing, far from attempting to fill those shoes.

    As Michael mentioned, I?ve been involved in Linux gaming for many many years, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. Games have always been a passion of mine and working on and with them possibly more so. I?m so excited to be at the helm of a company that I?ve loved for so very long and a company whose future I?m certain is bright.

    I?ve delayed posting this greeting message for a few days, because one of the most common remarks I have noticed since Michael and I began discussing this transition is that LGP hasn?t given enough feedback to the community. I wanted to see the responses to Michael?s resignation and of course the announcement of my arrival so that I can answer questions I saw being posted on various forums, news sites and this very blog.

    I have great plans for Linux Game Publishing. Since some of them coincide with queries that people have posed either directly to me in our IRC channel or in comments online, I will respond to them now:-

    Regarding Michael: He is not disappearing completely, but will be working with me for some time in an advisory capacity ? his knowledge and experience in the Linux gaming world is unparalleled as I?m sure you?d all agree. As well as working with me, Michael will occasionally be contributing to new and old titles. Linux games are still a huge passion of his and I don?t think we?d be able to keep him away from the code, even if we were crazy enough to want to

    Digital distribution channels: This medium certainly has a strong future and is only going to grow. I personally have accounts at online stores such as Steam, GOG, Desura, Gamer?s Gate, Gameolith and others. Expanding digital distribution is definitely a priority for me. I have already had tentative discussions, begun setting up and getting ready to distribute through a few big names in Linux digital distribution.

    Our current shipping of physical CDs and DVDs: We?ve admittedly had problems with this and it?s something I?ve been working on in the background since Michael and I started having discussions around his handover. Once our new distribution channels are in place, those of you that have seen delays in delivery shouldn?t ever experience that again.

    We?re going through a period of transition at the moment and as much as I?d love everything to happen ?right now?, there?s a lot of work to be done. I?m very aware that there are unhappy people out there ? you are my primary focus right now. Linux Game Publishing is a great company, with massive potential and I?m truly excited to be a part of its history in the making.

    As for new games: Yes, we have some in the pipeline! With all that has happened, there have obviously been delays. We have two announced titles that everyone is aware of, namely Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy and Bandits: Phoenix Rising. I?m happy to say that there will be an announcement regarding one of them soon. There are also other unannounced titles we?re working on and I?m really looking forward to reaching the point where we can announce those to you.

    LGP has a strong team of great programmers, that have stood with Michael and worked with him through the years. Some have been around for a while and we also have some new faces. I am incredibly grateful to our team for the hard work that they have put in, contributing towards what we currently have and will be producing going forward.

    Keep a keen eye on us here at LGP, you won?t be disappointed

    Clive Crous
    CEO ? Linux Game Publishing"