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Serious Sam 3 Comming to Linux :/ MAYBE

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  • Serious Sam 3 Comming to Linux :/ MAYBE

    Hi,everyone i just heard that Serious Sam 3 along with HD remakes might come to Linux including HD remake of SS2.Although nothing is official it's very exciting to hear nevertheless.
    Oh and SS2 is jet to be confirmed on windows too so no surprise if it doest come to Linux.

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    It's a bit hard to draw any conclusions from a machine translation, but that sounds more like a "no" than a "maybe".


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      There was speculations over HD remakes because engine was 3.0 version but at 3.5 things are a little bit different but who knows.If they are planning to release it on Mac and every goddamn console maybe even Linux might get a chance.All i know is that they have engine running on opengl and that they had some hints about it in local gaming magazine in Croatia but I cant confirm this since I'm not buying them.
      What stops them the most in this endeavor is attitude that you cant stop piracy on Linux.But they were quite involved over holidays in indie bundles they even started a few of theirs.