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Open-Source Versions Of BioWare 3D Game Engines

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  • Open-Source Versions Of BioWare 3D Game Engines

    Phoronix: Open-Source Versions Of BioWare 3D Game Engines

    There's open-source development work on re-implementations of BioWare's 3D game engines, principally at this point for the Aurora engine as used by Neverwinter Nights...

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    Hell it's about time.

    I've been looking for this for ages. Finally someone has stepped upto the plate to create it.... Very exciting, I will be following this closely.


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      Seems to be in pretty early stages of development. I really hope it turns into something; and maybe some form of Aurora Toolkit could be written for it too. <hint>

      For the most part I like the Aurora engine in NWN. Scaling menus to high resolutions would be a nice touch though.


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        i own nwn and i have it running natively under linux without wine. i'm sure an open source engine might perform a little better, since from what i gather, the linux files were kinda just a dirty hack, so some performance is lost. i'd be more interested in the other games functioning, since they do not have linux compatibility at all, as far as i'm aware.

        theres so many older games out there that i'd really like to see move to linux. starcraft is a big one, but i think we all know that won't happen anytime soon and stargus is just as incomplete as this bioware engine project.


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          This great German guy is part of the ScummVM Team too, so I have high hopes for him

          He obviously needs to form a Team for his project, because this engine is technically quite more complex than a 2D one (even many 2D engines are a team of people) and he needs at least someone to help him in the 3D stuff.

          So if you like this effort and know about 3D stuff like OpenGL and such, please help him. If you want to play those games on non-Microsoft platforms too and have tons of money to spare, please help him too.

          Projects like this are not just good for Linux game players, but also for preserving classic games to the future. This kind of software will make possible to show these games to future generations. The old geeks will show them despite being less graphically sophisticated compated to those far future games are, they suck compared to the classic ones. And the old school geeks will be able to show in the future their gray hair with pride!

          Michael, there's other interesting projects like this out there. You should check them more often and put some nice news about it...
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            Wow, I'm impressed at how well it works already!


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              This is just fantastic! One of the best news I've heard in the last months!


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                Naming conflict

                A quick Google shows that Eos is also the name of a nwn editor (e.g. Aurora toolkit) for the Mac.


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                  Actually, it could provide many benefits, even for a game that has a native linux version, as gemrb could do for inifinity
                  - the binaries will not work for very long (it uses old versions of SDL, doesn't know about PA etc.)
                  - the game was full of harcoded limitations. I don't really criticize, there was always limited dev time and I'm sure many technical reasons. Modders spent a great deal of time working around those

                  So it could really make it live far longer and better than the original game (ARM computers ?).
                  The best selling point of this game was (in the opinion of many) the ability to customize it. There were litterally hundreds of custom modules (separate stories), custom content (models, creatures, classes etc.).


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                    Addition misc

                    Lets not forget that the NWN engine is also the Kotor engine, which also means we could be looking at ARM ports in several years if the project succeds.