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It's Already Time For A New Humble Indie Bundle

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  • It's Already Time For A New Humble Indie Bundle

    Phoronix: It's Already Time For A New Humble Indie Bundle

    Unigine OilRush isn't the only Linux gaming news today, but the Humble Indie Bundle crew has already announced another bundle...

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    wow a real bundle... good news !
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      This crap with IB are getting out of control... they are just milking the cash cow, all games are crap in last several bundles..


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        Originally posted by Pajser View Post
        This crap with IB are getting out of control... they are just milking the cash cow, all games are crap in last several bundles..
        hey you are right.. but it dosn't hurt because its "pay what you want" and its a real bundle again.
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          I'd hardly call the games in the last several bundles crap, but I agree that their frequency is unsettling. I liked the time between bundles originally, and that seems to be gone. This bundle came out shortly after the Voxatron bundle, and the website already says, "Humble Indie Bundle #4 is coming soon! Be the first to hear about it." Either way, I'm not into RTS, so this and OilRush are probably gonna be a pass from me.

          When's Ignite gonna be released for Linux? They launched the windows version on steam Oct 28th. I'd love to see this indie game in a bundle, and I'd pay good money for it. Hell put it on Desura and I'd buy it up!


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            Great Great Bundle

            I disagree strongly that this or the last bundles are anything but great. What has been wrong for me is that they were single game bundles that only came into there own with the extras. The "Humble Voxatron Debut" when it contained just contained an alpha game, but with the three other Lexaloffle Games; Blocks That Matter & The Awesome "The Binding of Isaac", and that is ignoring Gish, but then you pay what you want.

            This bundle is a company bundle "Humble Introversion Bundle". Introversion showed the world that indie games could compete with the larger companies, have always supported Linux(I own all the games already with the exception of Multiwinia". These are great games, that even though a little long in the tooth have timeless graphics. This is not just buy, but gift


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              I fear that keeping up this frequency the will run out of games. They should maintain at least some standard of selection, so the customer does not have to put up with more than one alpha/prepreview/onlywindowsatthetime game per bundle. So far, every offer they made (even the two single game titles) had at least something that attracted me. But if there is only one game of interest (because all others are doubles from previous bundles) I will not pay as much (naturally), though never going below the Linux average.


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                This is a great bundle!

                shame they have shelved subversion though I wonder what they are working on


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                  Given that Wikipedia is running a fundraising campaign now, perhaps HIB could change their charity from time to time?
                  Oh yes... with SOPA the EFF needs every cent it can get...


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                    well they have more competition now in the likes of the royale indie bundle (which hardly supports linux...)

                    also many people payed $0.10 cents and got 6 or 7 games from the big bundles... You think thats fair for the indies ??

                    1 bundle every month or two seems reasonable now that they have competition. Means more chances, more companies signing up = more games for linux.

                    you want just 10 games (2 bundles per year) per year or 30+ (many ported from windows)?

                    and you dont need to buy em all, you buy the ones you want or "pay what you want".

                    i personally like these games and will buy em