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Steel Storm 2 Game Coming For Linux

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
    gold as a currency is useless. (read NO PRACTICAL USE FROM THE GOLD like anti-rust-protection)
    Gold makes nice shiny things and fraudulent television ads starring celebrities. Bitcoin as a currency is useless, unless you have a botnet you are using to mine them and then sell them off for real money.


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Why dont post a little video how the game should look like? I mean $20 is pretty much for an indy shooter, should be something special then. I bought the first game via a bundle, fun as long as i played it, which was not that far, would have got needed some cheats Which game engine is used? How many levels? Cool bosses? Multiplayer? Weapons? Cutscenes? Expected play time... A little bit more info would not hurt.
      20$ much for an Indie game ? You have to be kidding me. Do you remember what Runic Games asked for when Torchlight was out? Yep, about the same amount. Even if the guys that made the company are known for the Diablo series, the company was and still is pretty much "Indie".

      Want another example ? Here it is, it's called "Frozen Synapse" and it's one heck of a game. The soundtrack reminds me of the original Deus Ex. They sell it for 20 + EUR.

      Have a look on Desura. You will see products that are priced the same or lower. 20 buckaroos are not too shabby for a good old style shooter. I'm also a sucker for good deals. If all goes well my 5$ will accomplish these:

      1) help Linux as a gaming platform
      2) help an indie dev that has proven they can put out solid products
      3) get me a good game for free

      If something goes wrong, I've only lost 5$.


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        Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
        Gold makes nice shiny things and fraudulent television ads starring celebrities. Bitcoin as a currency is useless, unless you have a botnet you are using to mine them and then sell them off for real money.
        no the botnet is useful because someone have to calculate the numbers.

        even criminals can do useful stuff!

        if he use the botnet for bitcoin he just save the planet!
        Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


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          Frozen Synapse is a stupid game, i am glad that i only payed 1 cent for it...


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            Steelstorm 1 was not really my kind of game.
            I bought it to support a Linux friendly developer, but never ended up playing it much.
            Steelstorm 2 sounds much more interesting to me, and I will make sure to follow its progress and also pre-order it if I like what I see
            Keep up the great job.


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              Originally posted by Kano View Post
              Frozen Synapse is a stupid game, i am glad that i only payed 1 cent for it...
              So, in the end, your 1 cent purchase ended up costing the Humble Bundle folks money. Good sport.


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                Old spirit -> new ideas ?


                in the first place it warms my heart to hear of an FPS with focus on singleplayer for my favourite OS. Thanks for that even if nothing has been released yet. Something with the "good old spirit" can mean something good and bad at the same time. If "done right" (whatever this means) the old grunts like me will get the same fuzzy warm feeling we had when playing Doom, Unreal, Quake and so on. If "done wrong" it can feel pretty boring.

                The art for you will be to make it feel "done right"

                Not an easy task if you ask me.

                I am sorry guys, but I know what I want in my game. This is not a "community is making the game and one dev is implementing it" project. Be patient and you shall see it And after that you can decide whether you want to play it or not.
                True, no community input should take away too much attention of the developer from his project, but a dev might listen to the ideas people post and use them for his game. Personally I like some of the ideas Qaridarium posted. My core competencies are not releated to anything with game design but take my word as a FPS gamer from the very right beginning: Beside an exchangable storyline (or no story at all = Quake) any set of boring exchangable weapons, similar to found on any 3D shooter out there, will easily sign the death contract for even bigger games.

                Want peoples money ? Then provide a rich feature set, a good storyline and innovative weapons plus modding options.

                I'd love to see some examples of good singleplayer FPS games, free, for Linux.
                That's a simple one...there are no games like that

                The best SP FPS I know so far are all not running natively under Linux (beside those with Unreal Engine):
                - Unreal
                - Halflife
                - Halflife II plus Episode 1+2
                - System Shock
                - Deus Ex

                Coop Quake-Mods I play for fun which work well for single player as well:
                - Darkplaces with SDQuake (= Serious Sam Feeling)
                - Darkplaces with Kleshik (= not compareable to any game out there)

                Want our money in the first place prior releasing anything ?
                -> Show us new ideas / new concepts

                Want us to buy your game after release ?
                -> Make a great game with new ideas and new concepts as well.

                Many people are fed up with the lastest XXX clone of YYY type of game. So it is more or less a good base for those game developers which provide either something completely new (thats a hard one), something which produces a warm fuzzy feeling (for those old gaming grunts) or may be a blend of both.

                Sorry for the long rant,


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                  first of all, i had the old frozen bundle before, therefore i only wanted to test that game. why should i spend so much money that i get the same bundle that i have got already again? all i wanted was to check if the game runs with kanotix. well it did not with 64 bit + snb until i wrote a litte hotfix script. now it runs, but i dont play the game. i asked if you could get the game as addon to the old bundle, that was not the case, so what would you do? i mainly verify just that the games run, thats all.


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                    Originally posted by bulletxt View Post
                    I mean, Linux needs Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter Strike, Ubisoft's Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series.(I can mention plenty of more). This is what Linux needs in the FPS world. Because yes, Linux sucks even in the FPS world despite there being 1 thousand FPS around.

                    Despite all Michaels best intentions, I'm confident in saying that NOTHING has changed for Linux in the gaming area, and I'm not joking. I'm still not sure why he is convinced of the contrary. (he never said so, but his articles lead to make us think so).

                    I'm not sure if the story around Steam for Linux is a joke, but that is the only thing that can really change gaming under Linux. All the rest doesn't count.
                    This has got to be the most immature post I have ever read on this entire website.... seriously? It is not a game I like, so it is not a game at all? We have a flood of new Indie games for Linux, and yet our situation has gotten worse because we are not playing Modern Warfare on it natively?

                    I like old school shooters, and while some fun innovations may be nice, I am happy to hear about this project.

                    And no matter what you think, Linux gaming is growing. We now have a strong base of loyal developers and strong outlets for them to distribute their wares.

                    We are finally achieving what Scott Draeker set out to do in 1998 and failed to do, we have created a Linux gaming industry. It may not produce as flashy games as are available for other platforms, but we are getting a solid stream of solid titles like we never have before.


                    We now have a leg to stand on. Now I will get back to playing my titles which are apparently not games as they were not ordained so by you.


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                      Originally posted by motorsep View Post
                      I'd love to see some examples of good singleplayer FPS games, free, for Linux. Mind you, Nexuiz, Xonotic and AA are not good examples. Warsow looks good, but still, mp-only game.
                      I second that.

                      Obviously we have good free multiplayer arena-style shooters (all those mentioned games *are* good examples for that genre), but I still wait for something free and mod-friendly coming remotely close to something like single-player Quake, Half-Life or Unreal. I'll even take the dated late-90ies graphics.

                      Actually I'd already be glad if someone would take the Quake game code and glue some decent models for, e.g., soldiers, zombies, unspeakable horrors etc. to it - this "game construction kit" would allow story writers and mappers to work on something that doesn't have "you need a full version of game XYZ" written all over it and without the immense startup investment of going from scratch again.

                      So, motorsep, perhaps you can consider having a free (or at least free-to-download) set of basic game assets (basic enemies with sounds and gamecode) and non-free single-player campaigns (maps, map textures, music, boss enemies, story etc.) to seed single-player development a bit. Well, I can always dream