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Steel Storm 2 Game Coming For Linux

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    I mean, Linux needs Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter Strike, Ubisoft's Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series.(I can mention plenty of more). This is what Linux needs in the FPS world. Because yes, Linux sucks even in the FPS world despite there being 1 thousand FPS around.

    Despite all Michaels best intentions, I'm confident in saying that NOTHING has changed for Linux in the gaming area, and I'm not joking. I'm still not sure why he is convinced of the contrary. (he never said so, but his articles lead to make us think so).

    I'm not sure if the story around Steam for Linux is a joke, but that is the only thing that can really change gaming under Linux. All the rest doesn't count.


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      Originally posted by Tares View Post
      Sure. I've payed for SS episode 2 in early beta to support the game and I've received the access to alpha version, but never got the full game.
      Yes, there was some problems with that. Early supporters never got the full version automatically, you had to email them about it.

      It was a situation that was unfortunately not handled in the best of ways, and some people got quite upset, judging from the posts on the mailing list.


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        Originally posted by [Knuckles] View Post
        I'm a bit disappointed. They can work on whatever they want but "old-school FPS in the spirit of Doom and Quake", really?
        Another one? I can't think of a game category where linux is better served than in that one...
        This... The only FPS titles that have interested me in the last 5 years was the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Everything else has been just a rehash of a rehash of a rehash.


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          Originally posted by Kivada View Post
          This... The only FPS titles that have interested me in the last 5 years was the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Everything else has been just a rehash of a rehash of a rehash.
          i do have a similar problem i only interested in the arma2 series

          everything else has been just a rehash of a rehash of a rehash.

          sorry for using your words.
          Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


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            Indeed there were issues with people who pre-ordered SS:BR early. However, I got e-mails such as: "Unsubscribe me from the list", etc. When I asked why, no one ever responded. I am sorry guys, but if I pre-order anything, I am on top of things. And if I see the game coming out and I've yet to get my CDKey or copy, I e-mail devs asking what's up. We have sent e-mails to everyone who was on the PayPal and GCheckout lists. Half of those people never got back with me. Whoever got back with me got either Steam key or Desura key. We all grown ups here (I hope so), so no need to cause drama, call KiA shady and act like a spoiled brat baby.


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              Why dont post a little video how the game should look like? I mean $20 is pretty much for an indy shooter, should be something special then. I bought the first game via a bundle, fun as long as i played it, which was not that far, would have got needed some cheats Which game engine is used? How many levels? Cool bosses? Multiplayer? Weapons? Cutscenes? Expected play time... A little bit more info would not hurt.


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                I am working on it. The game kicked off few days ago and I was writing des doc, making website, and performing some terrain tests. $20 is a lot? Hmm.. Check out Interstellar Marines. It will never run on Linux though. They are asking $40 for their game. The game has been in development since at least 2008. They raised afaik 1 million dollars, which allowed then to hire more artists to more art done. I am asking for $5 toward a jump start. Meaning I can work on the game without stressing how I'm going to eat/feed my family/pay bills.

                There is a website that tells you some details. Playtime? I don't know. Depends how good you are Darkplaces engine is the engine of choice, co-op and dm will be present (besides single player, which is what I am focusing on). Cutscenes? Did I mention that the game is old school? If you want cutscenes, go to the movie theater

                At any rate, there are legendary developers who made great games and as they were making them, devs got the whole picture of how many of everything will be in the game. I will be releasing information as I get stuff to show. I can tell you 5 levels, but that doesn't mean you will beat the game in 5 hrs (this doesn't meant I am going to have only 5 levels).

                Thank you for playing and enjoying Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. Although, you will never ever see any of my games associated with HIB / Wolfire, ever.


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                  $20 really isn't much but asking for $5 for what is essentially nothing (from the perspective of what can only be describe as "investors") is a bit meh.

                  Maybe Phoronix should have held off before there was something worth "reporting" but phoronix is what phoronix does, you get use to just buying a tonne of salt when it comes to phoronix and games.

                  I will considering an "investment" if there is something worth considering investing in, at the moment I see better return prospects from a timeshare salesrep, at least they have brochures and hot sales rep's to try to conn you out of your money


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                    Think what you will, I have a proven track record.


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                      I think you are misunderstanding, if/when something is shown to be worth money being handed over then is will.