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XreaL-ified Enemy Territory Sees Release

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  • XreaL-ified Enemy Territory Sees Release

    Phoronix: XreaL-ified Enemy Territory Sees Release

    While the Doom 3 source-code from the id Tech 4 engine is about to be released, there will continue to be some open-source projects basing their work off the already-open id Tech 3 (ioquake3) engine. One of the interesting projects that had a lot of hope for a while but never really got off the ground was the XreaL engine incarnation of id Tech 3, but this month it's finally released a build with its improvements ported to Enemy Territory...

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    one of the best news ever! specially today's games are so... lame even with nice graphics no game really is that fun as w:et is.


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      do you see the readme ? :

      This release does not contain Enemy Territory's game data, the game data is still
      covered by the original EULA and must be obeyed as usual.

      Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free release, and can be downloaded from

      Install the latest version of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for your platform to get the game data.

      Now copy pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3 from your Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory/etmain to ETXreaL/etmain.

      You can find binaries to start ETXreaL in ETXreaL/bin/.

      NOTE: You don't need to copy the binaries to anywhere just start them.


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        @Qaridarium:trying toi run the 64 bit version right? run the game from a terminal or make script if you want with this command:

        ./etxreal +set fs_basepath ../../
        it's a bug that tr3b should fix soon... the bug was reported already...

        the only server that i know that works with etxreal is (though not many ppl went on it so far)!