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A New Commercial Game For Linux That's Not An FPS

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    The moment I heard about CoreBreach I hoped, no prayed for an F-Zero like game. Fast metal/rock soundtrack, loops and ultra highspeed. What I see sadly is just another Wipeout like game. Slow and sluggish antigrav "cars" (not "jets" like in F-Zero) movin around plain tracks to a techno soundtrack without any memorable themes. F-Zero X will still be unbeaten for some time.

    Also this game in style, music and gameplay looks so similar to the WipeOut Pure I have on my PSP that I am probably not going to buy it.


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      Originally posted by coder543 View Post
      six guns, six maps, and six ships.
      6 6 6

      hmm.. I think we need one more of something. Another map would be nice. haha
      there is one super fast bonus ship if you manage to complete the game in "hard", so its 7 to make it less diabolical ;-)

      btw if you are into such things, the game is full with references and easter eggs.


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        Originally posted by Dorsai! View Post
        Slow and sluggish antigrav "cars"

        speed varies with the tracks. actually the last track is a lot faster than recent wipeout versions.


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          Originally posted by DMJC View Post
          As I've been saying for years, GNUStep is where linux should be putting its desktop development effort. You gain OSX compatability AND a better desktop experience. Not to mention Linux could actually gain a decent video API.
          GNUstep sounds like WINE to me...
          Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


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            Can't wait

            I can't wait to test (and probably buy) this game ! I love racing games, and linux is really poor on good race games.
            Is there a way to be in the beta program already?


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              Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
              GNUstep sounds like WINE to me...
              Maybe you need to clean your ears?


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                This level of graphics should be at year 1999 where it really belongs.


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                  Originally posted by Sidicas View Post
                  Looks like a remake of Bullfrog's Hi-Octane... sexy.. Hope it's at least as much fun as Hi-Octane was..
                  Actually it looks like a spiffied up version of Xracer which in itself was a clone of Wipeout (early prototype seen in the movies Hackers).

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                    GNUStep vs wine

                    GNUStep is a reimplementation of the Mac OSX api, but unlike WINE, it doesn't have to reach 100% application compatibility to be useful. It's really a good GUI api and that's about all it does. A lot of the background processing etc can be handled by existing standards/apis like OpenAL/OpenCL/OpenGL. GNUStep is more about making the frontend pretty and making all the core API functions easily accessible to programmers so they can get more done with less code. It's a very very cool system. The desktop side of it is really only lacking a completed web browser before it could be a serious competitor to KDE/GNOME. Making the desktop integrate with the rest of the system would take a team of 4 people about 3 months to implement.


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                      Originally posted by DMJC View Post
                      GNUStep is a reimplementation of the Mac OSX api

                      Actually, it's a clone / open source implementation of NeXTSTEP/OPENstep. MacOSX is based on much of the work done at NeXT (a Steve jobs company), more specifically Mac OSX's codebase was originally built from OpenSTEP (which came after NeXTSTEP).


                      It's a somewhat misleading to say GnuStep is a reimplementation of Mac OSX API, when in reality - GnuStep only shares a few things here and there, in common. such as Objective-C, for example. But OSX contains a lot of stuff not found in GNUstep. That being said, obviously some OSX apps can be ported over, as some of the goodies (frameworks) are available in GNUstep.


                      you'll notice in the 2nd paragraph;

                      GNUstep features a cross-platform, object-oriented development environment. Like Apple Cocoa, GNUstep also has a Java interface, as well as Ruby,[1] Guile and Scheme[2] bindings. The GNUstep developers track some additions to Apple's Cocoa to remain compatible. The roots of the GNUstep application interface are the same as the roots of Cocoa: NeXT and OpenStep. GNUstep predates Cocoa.
                      GNUstep 'predates' Cocoa ~ which means it's not a reimplementation at all. Instead it just shares some lineage and compatibility.

                      This Game using GNUstep, i find very interesting, i suppose it solved some technical challenges of the porting process. I'll have to check it out, when it becomes available