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A New MMORPG On The Linux-Friendly Unigine

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  • A New MMORPG On The Linux-Friendly Unigine

    Phoronix: A New MMORPG On The Linux-Friendly Unigine

    It's looking like next year may be quite a positive year for Linux gaming with the likely open-sourcing of Desura, open-source Doom 3 code being in the wild, hopefully the Rage Linux client, and several games powered by the Linux-friendly Unigine Engine gearing up for release, among other Linux gaming announcements...

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    I'm afraid this MMORPG is for Windows only at the moment 8(


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      How about ET:QW II? (map glitches fixed, more maps, meta-game). Or Battlefield for Linux? But nooo, just another MMORPG. That sums up to how much for linux? (Vendetta Online, Regnum Online, Ryzom, PlaneShift, Relics of Annorath (currently in development), Syndicates of Arkon (currently no Linux client, but based on Unigine)...and then there is still the approaching shitstorm caused by the Unity webplayer which will be ported to linux.) That will be at least (including Unity games) 10 MMORPGs.

      I've to admit, there are a lot of Ego-Shooters for linux...but nearly no Multiplayer-Storybased Ego-Shooters (like ET:QW) which makes me sad.


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        yer so not linux... why is it posted on phoronix then?

        sure it is using Unigine which is linux-compatible, but so is the unreal engine.

        really Phoronix should just stop reporting on gaming for linux. NOTHING on the linux gaming front has improved it has gotten worse, so why report on a new MMORPG for windows when this is a linux news site?


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          at least is good to see koreans using a multiplatform engine like unigine and if there is demand i dont think they can make too many excuses to not start porting...


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            Why don't we request them to port it? I mean, how hard could it be if they just used Unigine components?
            Why should they not port it, if they could have a greater number of sales? (Look at HoN for example).