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Alien Arena 7.52 Brings Significant Game Updates

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    The executable should have been installed to your PATH when you did "sudo make install." Although the executable you found in source is the exact same one and you could use that too if you wanted.


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      Originally posted by cl333r View Post
      Yeah, I did that, and set to fullscreen just to have to do a forced reboot cause it scrambles the desktop. I have no issues with nexuiz, in fact it goes fullscreen right from the start - exactly what one usually needs for this type of games.
      Originally posted by cl333r View Post
      Sure, but it's the most error prone and wacky game when it comes to making it fullscreen. It doesn't even have a 1980x1200 resolution. Using Nvidia/GTX 560ti
      Im unaware of your issue and I cannot test it.
      I have played this game two times, two years before and now.
      Right now, I play it 2-3 months and counting (1-2 hrs a week) with 1920x1080(fullhd) on Nvidia/GTX 260 core 216 w 1,7Gb; using kernel 2.8/3.0 under KDE 4.7; Gentoo x64.

      Everything was very nice, from graphics till bullet/hit physics. I had never messed desktop.

      The only bad things are
      1) rather very unfriendly selection method in game menu. Just try to quit the game using its quit yes/no dialog, to understand.
      Instead of having "current state" that "moves and changes" upon mouse click now , just reprogram it to change the state and accept it at same time.
      This means, moving mouse on selection does not change anything.
      Clicking changes the state and accepts it without going anywhere.
      Clicking on empty space results in no action. It would be very nice, if RIGHT clicking will change the state to previous one (like scrolling option backwards).

      Also the active/nonactive color are white/green, with game menu text being green too - it confused me a lot, as its hard to distinguish when you have only yes/no situation. Look at Quit dialog as example.

      I personally find urban terror game menu selection method ideal, and alien arena much less acceptable.

      2) very user UNfriendly server selection menu. Developers should stop working on graphics and shift priority to server/client usability from sides of single users and gaming clans. There are not many people playing and finding random competition is rather hard. Server find menu does not remember its last state (you need to refresh every time you return to menu; server list is not remembered, current position is not remembered; applied filters are not remembered) Just look at urban terror for that matter as well or maybe half life 2.

      3) I agree that resolution selection screen is very bad.
      Not everyone notices that fullscreen option is turned ON, when selecting resolution and game does not inform the user when selection fails because of that. It just opens console...

      4) cheaters.
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        Originally posted by cl333r View Post
        It doesn't even have a 1980x1200 resolution.
        What kind of whacky resolution is that? I assume you mean 1920x1200.


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          Yep, the menu is a holdover from Quake 2. The plan is to wholesale copy all the menu code from idtech 4 when the source code gets released.

          Cheaters in multiplayer are vanishingly rare (on the order of less than four people per year.) If you have reason to believe someone is cheating, you can spectate him and record a demo, then contact the server admin privately and ask for a ban. If you don't know how to spectate someone or record a demo, just ask and I'll explain.
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            Like Max mentioned, we admit that the menu system is dated and clunky, and it's something that is very high on the priority list now. Someone was working on this, but had to stop due to health reasons. Remember, we are doing this as a hobby, so a lot of times people work on what they feel like working on, but at this point, the GUI is a huge priority moving forward.