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Rage Linux Port Is Not Likely Until 2012

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  • Rage Linux Port Is Not Likely Until 2012

    Phoronix: Rage Linux Port Is Not Likely Until 2012

    The much anticipated Rage video game was released yesterday by id Software as the inaugural title on their next-generation id Tech 5 engine. Unfortunately, as expected, this first-person shooter mixed with racing game was released without a native Linux client at launch...

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    Great article,
    I only hope it won't be the source for another pile of articles about how Rage is not yet available on Linux.


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      You "heard" that it's coming in 2012? :/

      Well, if it's true: Better late than never.


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        I can wait. 2012 is fine for me


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          id Tech 4

          Good thing about the liberation of Doom3 source and a possible iodoom3, is we hopefully will see this engine benchmarked (finally).


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            Even this cake is a lie! Like UT3, Steam...

            So, please, don't start a new series of articles that we all know how will end: we'll never play Rage on linux. Sad but true


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              I heard the game sucks terribly on Windows. I'm not going crazy if Rage is on Linux.


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                given the current game issues that Windows users face, a Linux/Mac port might end up better in 2012:


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                  At least, the game will come with the bugs fixed. It seems that in windows there are several problems:

                  - Slow texture streaming

                  Video: Poor performance

                  - No advanced graphic configuration. The game autoconfigure itself to ensure a 60 fps stability. You only can change resolution, brightness and antialiasing.
                  - Menu for changing weapons adapted for a gamepad rather than a mouse+keyboard.

                  AMD and NVIDIA are realising new beta drivers to fix texture problems, but it seems that don't work for everyone.

                  I haven't played the game, this information is only what I have read.


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                    I wonder if it's using OpenGL or DirectX in Window$?